One of the most famous Storytelling structures of all time is Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey. The original has 13 stages and follows a hero’s trials and triumphs along a key journey that ultimately leads back home (or to the new world home) with an elixir or lessons for others.

Over the years I have taken this famous structure and condensed it into four parts for my clients. As for many who run service based businesses, a hero’s  journey structure fits super well (Note: this structure doesn’t fit all, and there are many others which work.)

Your Core Story is a fundamental element to your business and lays the foundations for the clarity and confidence required to help you show up, be courageously visible and share why you do what you do and how you can help others.

It falls under the Authority element of my AIR system which includes other crucial factors to help you get recognised as a credible authority in your field.

You can grab the assessment for free here which includes a practical step by step action plan for each part of the system.

I’ve had some great feedback already on how useful people are finding the assessment and the action they are taking as a result.

Not only that but the doors to The Air Hub open in one week’s time. I’ve created an exclusive community for people who have downloaded and completed the assessment to continue to support their progress and growth.

To be part of the free community all you have to do is download the assessment here

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