I can’t quite believe it’s October. The vortex of 2020 is real right?!

Now we are entering the final quarter of this crazy year I have one thing on my mind.


I, like you, spent many months indoors during lockdown and I am positively craving connection as a result. This month I’m going to three virtual conferences and events, including the Women In Business Expo Virtual which I’m looking forward to. Meeting new people, learning and creating connections. 

But it’s got me thinking about my own community. This year I wasn’t able to run my conference (for obvs reasons) but I am really focusing on connection in Q4 and would love to help you.

So I’d simply like to ask

How can I help you CONNECT?

  • Is there someone I can introduce you to?
  • Are you in need of specific skills or support?
  • What type of relationships are you looking to build?


HOW would you like to connect with people right now

  1. Small groups (of 6 or less) face to face in the Sussex area
  2. A virtual conference
  3. A virtual networking event
  4. An open forum for chatting and exploring topics
  5. Livestreams in an FB community
  6. Structured content within an FB community 
  7. A virtual workshop exploring a topic of interest

I want to meet you, talk to you, connect you and help you. There are so many amazing people right out there just waiting to lift you up, inspire you, educate you and motivate you.

Let’s use what we already have.

The people.

Please get in touch and let me know, I’d be most grateful.



In my previous group, Free Stuff Friday went down an absolute storm. It’s a fantastic way of

  1. Building relationships with people
  2. Showcasing your skills
  3. Increasing your visibility
  4. Getting great referrals and recommendations


On Friday, between 9 am and 9 pm in my group Sought After Speakers, using the FSF thread, you can post something to offer people within the group for FREE.

  • It could be a digital booklet or workbook
  • It could be a one to one coaching session
  • It could be an assessment of some kind
  • It could be a review of their website and feedback
  • It could be a free place on a workshop
  • It could be a copy of your book.

Whatever it is it has to be FREE! 

There are only a few rules.

  1. No links, please. Offer only on the thread
  2. Only offer ONE thing
  3. Only claim ONE thing.
  4. If you claim one thing, you must also offer one thing (not to that person but on the thread)

That’s it!

Join us on Friday in Sought After Speakers

Kind regards


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