A few days ago I asked my email subscribers if they might be experiencing any one of these three blocks when it comes to making it as a speaker.

1. Delivery and impact – You know that you want to stand on stage but aren’t confident that what you are saying and how you say it will pack a big enough punch.

2. Getting the gigs – You have a burning desire to become the stand out speaker you know you were born to be, but you don’t know how to make it actually happen.

3. Mindset gremlins – You have doubts about your visibility as a speaker that hold you back. You aren’t sure if your story is big enough, or message unique enough so that people will pay attention to you and remember you.

If you can relate to any of these it turns out you aren’t alone.

I ran a live session yesterday sharing how to overcome these three key blocks so that you can become the stand out speaker you were born to be.

You can catch the replay right here:

Much love

Helen x

PS. If you want to fast track your speaker goals, get confident with your delivery and know how to land gigs get in touch. My 1 and 2 month packages are going up, so it might be the perfect opportunity for us to work together in this way to make your speaking dreams a reality.

I have just a few call slots left, so let’s chat

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