I’m dropping in your inbox today to share a limited time exclusive offer:

The 7 day sprint to write your signature keynote

The fast track experience that will help you confidently put yourself forward for paid corporate gigs, industry events and virtual summits straight out the gates in 2024.

I’ve created this offer for coaches, consultants and business owners who desire to make steps to become credible speakers, but regularly have two fears that repeatedly trip them up from getting started. 

Fear one: they find it hard to believe that they could put together a talk that is worthy of a standing ovation or even a round of applause (that dreaded imposter!)

Fear two: they want to be taken seriously but worry that they might forget their lines, go off on tangents and ramble, meaning they won’t ever get to paid gig level. 

Does this sound familiar?

These fears are perfectly normal and usually come from a previous experience (in life, at school or at work) where you felt public shame or rejection. 

The subconscious generalises all similar experiences, and assumes that any future experience will cause you harm (god bless our primitive brains!) 

This is in fact a false story you’ve been telling yourself so that your subconscious can keep you safe. 

I know this because for many years I had a very powerful belief that I had completely lost my ability to speak to groups of people. I’d spent 15 years training and coaching people up to Executive level, but after having a baby, my confidence evaporated. So I ran away from that career (literally) and stayed in my house, quiet, stuck in a perceived comfort zone which did me no good at all. 

It wasn’t until I was prompted to draw on what I already knew when I had 24 hours to prepare for the biggest talk of my life. TEDx. 

As I basked in the warm lights of the stage and cheers from the crowd, I realised I HAD put together a talk worthy of a standing ovation! AND I was able to do it in a coherent way without losing my thread or forgetting the next part. The confidence was unlocked!

And it’s these exact approaches I’m going to share with you in the 7 day sprint to write your signature keynote talk.

  • Banish the imposter by unlocking your confidence and wisdom
  • Use a simple structure for creating your keynote that works every single time no matter what industry you are in
  • Learn a formula that will help you stay succinct, clear and compelling.

How it works:

  1. We work together for 7 days to fast track your keynote and get it out into the world.
  2. We’ll meet on zoom for 2 hours to define your killer message and outcome and map out the talk using my tired and tested structure.
  3. We’ll then converse on Whatsapp (or your chosen app) via voice note where I’ll guide you in creating your keynote and will even watch it and give feedback if you want to give it a whirl.
  4. We’ll end the week with a strategy and action plan of where you will pitch your talk.


This offer is available from today 4th Dec for 7 days ending 11th Dec.

I have 6 places available

You can start the 7 day sprint between now and the end of Feb 2024.

If our time falls over a weekend the remaining days will roll over to the following week.

The price is just £597 or 2 payments of £298.50

If you’d like to secure your spot just contact me with any questions you have.

6 spots.

7 days to secure your spot.

7 days to create your keynote.

Let’s go!

Much love



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