A few months ago I referred to Rasha Rushdy’s quote ‘You will do it again, and you will do it better every time.’

That quote is ringing true for me this week.

In 2019 off the back of my annual conference I launched my first ever intensive. Back then I had a clear idea of the transformation I wanted my clients to achieve through it, I had it mapped out and I knew the journey to get there.

And like any service, over time, and through working with my clients and seeing their results, the intensive has evolved too. So I decided to revisit it, give it an update and a refresh, and am excited to announce its relaunch!






An intensive one to one coaching experience where we will…

  • Uncover the power in your story
  • Nail the key messages underpinning your business, aligned to your multiple ideal audience
  • Hone the ideas, opinions and messages that will make you a thought leader in your niche
  • Decide on your speaker strategy and what types of talks suit your story and ideas!
  • Craft a killer talk that will have any audience on the edge of their seat
  • Define your visibility strategy including which organisations, event curators, media publications and podcast hosts to get in touch and build relationships with
  • Create your bespoke story structure, so you can re-tell your story anytime, anywhere
  • Craft your perfect pitch to land the gig

Get all the juicy deets here:


The intensive is perfect for you if you are:

  • Looking to build your authority, which makes a big difference if you are an entrepreneur in a market that makes it difficult to get recognised as a credible expert.
  • Wanting clarity. Knowing your story and the messages that make you stand out will enable you to be bold in sharing them in the ways that count most.
  • Looking to take your speaking and communication skills to the next level. So you feel at ease and confident in any situation. succinct, compelling and clear, with no waffle!
  • Looking for opportunities. Honing your core story, keynote talk, or even knowing what to say on social media will enable you to increase your impact and reach, land the gigs, sign clients and grow your audience.

Here’s what my clients Kate and Max said about working with me:

Helen has been a fantastic coach for us through the launch and beyond of our new business, Noodle.

She was crucial for helping us find and convey our story in a way that works for any audience and has given us so much practical advice too for our social media presence and podcast series. 

She’s such a champion and gives us honest, usable insight as to where we should focus our time, money and energy. 

She makes even the difficult parts of being an entrepreneur feel genuinely worth it – she’s been there, done it and knows what she’s on about.’ 

Max Gooding & Kate Wood

Noodle Co-Founders


You can see what other clients have experienced by checking out the intensive here


I’m so excited about the re launch of this intensive and love working with clients in this way. We get straight into the details and you come out the other side with clarity, a story, a strategy and a plan. I then support with follow up to make it happen!

If you are interested in the Stand Out and Speak intensive I have 2 spaces available in July and August. Hit reply and we can arrange a time to chat through your needs.

The world needs to hear you, the world needs to see you. It’s time to stand out and speak!

Much love


PS> Here’s that link again for all the details of the intensive


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