Phewy, what a few month’s it’s been. Possibly the busiest in my business to date, but also the most rewarding. 

I’ve just completed my first launch in 4 years and had forgotten just how crazy intense they are, whilst at the same time exhilarating! 

This time round I was launching alongside delivering corporate coaching and leadership programmes, one to one clients, and juggling life as a single parent. Which is a good thing, as this year, my word for the year is ELEVATE

I knew that to do things differently in 2023, I needed to push way out of my comfort zone, do uncomfortable things, and elevate in all areas of my life.

I’ve learnt so much these last few months, and as always, on reflection, would love to share them with you, in case you might want to do something big, but are unsure about taking that first step forward. 

  • The world moves on quickly

Launching in 2023 was very different to 2019. How people consume information, how they like to learn, what they put their attention to, and how best to support them. 

My social media stakes had to be raised (there weren’t any reels a few years ago!), and that meant becoming super visible again. For someone who helps others to speak out and share their ideas, I still have the same doubts as anyone else when it comes to ‘putting yourself out there.’ 

But what I found? 

Better conversations, more in depth connections, more questions, new found relationships and people having more clarity about how I can help them. And ultimately that led to ideal, gifted clients who I can really support to achieve real results. 

Lesson learned: People need to see you and hear you for them to know about you, Simple really, but something we often shy away from or forget. 

  • You can’t do these things alone

After spending the last few years with my head down, building my own strategies and staying in my lane, I knew that in order to really elevate I would need support. 

And boy did I find it! In a wonderful team of people who helped me bring my ideas to life and supported me in executing them. I’m going to give each person a proper shout out soon as I really could not have done this without them and their valued expertise in areas like ads, funnels, sales pages, sales, and social media engagement and management. Not only was their expertise greatly valued, but they held me accountable to keep going and get it done!

Lesson learned: If you want to push yourself into new pastures, you need the support from experts and the accountability to keep going when it all feels a little overwhelming. 

  • Your know more than you realise

It’s funny how spending time away from something can make that pesky imposter creep back in. 

I had moments of doubt about my knowledge and what I had to offer, but when it came to delivering the masterclasses and signing people up to the programme, I realised that I had accumulated even more knowledge over the past few years that people really needed. 

Engaging with people in the live training sessions was so fulfilling, seeing their takeaways and results made my day, and it put those pesky imposter thoughts to bed.

Lesson learned: You have experience that others don’t, and it will be way more than you realise. So share it!

  • You won’t know until you actually do it

It hasn’t all been plain sailing. There are things that didn’t go quite as planned that on reflection, I would do differently next time. But I wouldn’t have known this unless I had gone through the process of actually doing it. 

I got amazing insights into what experience my audience has , what they need, and how they need it. As a result I’m now bursting with ideas of how I can support coaches, consultants and leaders in new ways going forward. And at the same time I am super excited to have welcomed such a talented bunch of people into the programme. I can’t wait to start supporting them.

Lesson learned: Learning curves are meant to be steep. We achieve the most growth by testing, making mistakes and doing things differently as a result. 

I’m now taking a big chunk of time off for the summer holidays, going away and having some proper down time with my kids. I hope you have a wonderful summer, and I’ll be back again soon with more tips and tricks on how to become a credible expert and sought after speaker in your industry.

Much love


PS Due to the influx of new clients, I have just two spaces open for one to one coaching from September-December. If you would like to explore how I can support you, just send me a message and I’ll arrange a time for us to chat when I’m back from my hols.

PPS. The Ultimate Speaker Solution bundle is no longer available but the two programmes are available to purchase separately. 

If you’d like to get known as a thought leader in your niche and want to write your own signature, keynote or sell from the stage talk and land paid gigs, then my Ultimate Speaker programme is for you.

If you have your sights set on landing a TEDx talk, then Land and Deliver is for you


Any questions? Just send me a message! I’ll be happy to help.

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