I’m excited as I’m getting close to wrapping up a long-awaited programme that I’ve been working on for the last few months. 

Before I sign seal and deliver it, I have a couple of questions to ask and wonder if you can help me out by clicking the link below?


In the lead up to this programme launching, I am going to be running a FREE mega training from the 12th-15th November! 

It’s going to be giving you the inside scoop on how to land a TEDx gig! 

All you have to do to receive the training is to join my new Facebook community Sought After Speakers and get ready to roll on the 12th of November!

You can join us here www.facebook.com/groups/soughtafterspeakers

No opt-in required! Just 4 days of FREE training delivered straight into the group.

And your feedback in the survey above will not only help me shape the course to meet your needs but it will also help me deliver the perfect training series just for you!

Here’s that link again to the survey, just a few short answers needed.



Much love

Helen X

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