I’m busy beavering away in preparation for the mega training that’s coming next week!

Between the 12th and 15th November, I’ll be delivering a completely free 4-day training in my group Sought After Speakers giving you the inside scoop on how to land a TEDx gig.

Here is how it’s going to go down.

Day 1 – ‘ Believe It’ – Why a TEDx gig needs to be on your goal list. I’ll be delving into the golden opportunity that a TEDx gig can give you and why now is the perfect time to be taking action towards it. 

Day 2 – ‘Land It’ – How to land a TEDx gig the right way. I’ll be sharing the thing that most people are missing when applying for TEDx gigs. 

Day 3 – ‘Deliver It’ – How to deliver with impact. I’ll be exploring two key things that will stand you apart. Nailing your message and delivering with ease.

Day 4 – ‘Sum It Up’ – I’ll be summarising the three key ways that will help you land a TEDx talk and introducing my brand new course Land and Deliver with some incredible bonuses and offers.

All you have to do? Join my free Facebook community Sought After Speakers and get ready for the first training happening at 11 am Tuesday, 12th November.

Fancy it?

Hit comment and let me know if you are in!

Much love

Helen X

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