Pace and Energy was one of the ‘values’ of my previous company. It was a marker of success and you were rewarded for it.

It was complete balderdash.

A company with 9000 employees well over 100 years old?

Two words……Red Tape.

So, when I started my own business I couldn’t believe the pace and energy at which I could move at.

I’m sure you can relate to that delicious feeling right?

YOU are your own boss.
YOU get to make the final decision on everything you do.
YOU don’t have to answer to ANYONE.
YOU get to change your mind, change direction, grow and evolve at YOUR pace.

Sounds great, right?

So why are you not doing it?

Why are you waiting for something to happen, for someone to tell you?
Why are you hesitating on doing that live?
Posting that content?
Launching the programme?

Speaker coach transformational Coach Brighton


If you want to plant yourself firmly in the driving seat and start taking action with pace and energy, then you might need a few things.

Someone to help you focus, get clear and hold you accountable whilst you take action on the right things.

Whilst you remain the decision maker throughout and are still the boss.

One of the things I used to love about my job as an Exec Leadership Coach?

Helping people leverage their strengths to achieve their goals.

An example of that was how they could tap into their network to build relationships with key influencers, get recognised as ‘talent’ and position themselves for new opportunities, experience and roles.

I didn’t realise how these skills would transfer over in helping me, or other entrepreneurs until I discovered the world of PR.

I didn’t realise that PR is all about connections, relationships, positioning and seeking out opportunities.

I guess I don’t call it PR!

In the last year, I have really put into practice all the skills I learned in the corporate world and picked up some new ones from industry leaders like Janet Murray. (I was lucky enough to get a mention at the mega Youpreneur Summit last weekend, how cool is that?!)

I have seen some incredible results:

  • TEDx
  • Speaking at prestigious events
  • Some fab corporate gigs
  • A full written article in The Independent

I have also used these skills to invite some TOP leaders to come together for my EEL conference next year.

Interested in finding out how YOU can connect with influencers and decision makers that help you Stand Out, get known and win more business?

If you are serious about getting in the driving seat, whilst getting the knowledge and accountability book in a clarity call here.

Much love
Helen xx

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