I’m currently in the middle of a website revamp. I don’t know about you but it’s not often I put it to the top of my priority list because most of my interactions happen through social media, email, referrals from others and face to face.

But I have been asked rather a lot lately ‘how do you work with people?’ An important question to answer. Particularly as I have some brand new services and events happening this year!

So I wanted to share with you some new things I have coming up that may be of interest to you. Just get in touch if you’d like to know more or book in a call (link at the bottom)

1. TEDx application review

If you are currently on the hunt for, or are applying for a TEDx gig and need support with your application I can help! I have recently taken 23 delegates through my land and deliver course and support in the application process was a crucial part. So  I’m offering my TEDx application review at a special starter price for a limited time which includes:

Two reviews of your application via email the first to review your first draft with feedback and the second to propose any final tweaks £97.

If you would like more hands-on support in applying, including where and how to apply, and support in reviewing your application, I can add a 45 minute one to one coaching session plus the above for £197

Interested? Just comment below!

2. Ultimate Speaker Online 2 day Boot Camp February 10th and 28th

This is a two-day LIVE virtual boot camp designed to help you craft and deliver your signature or specific event talk with personal feedback and reviews from me. This is a beta run and so I am offering this at a special introductory price.

Day 1 10th Feb 09.30am-2.30pm  – Craft It

5 hour (with breaks) online interactive workshop via zoom to help you:

Decide your signature/keynote/TED talk structure

Nail your core message – the essential foundation of your talk

Craft your talk using my mind map method so that it sticks in your head

Learn the secret storytelling tricks that make your talk come alive

Make it bang with a memorable open and close

Create your 3 magic pills – what the audience will leave with

Practise It

Inbetween day 1 and 2 you will submit a 3-minute video of part of your talk to me for review. I will give you my personal feedback before day 2.

Day 2 – Nail it

Friday 28th Feb 09.30-1.30pm

4 hour (with break) online interactive workshop via zoom

Day 2 is all about delivery.

Learn how to…

Memorise your talk so that you deliver it naturally without notes

Build your presence aligned with your personality

Learn some inside speaker tricks for maximum impact

Learn about visual storytelling and blocking

Get the 101 on how to use slides

Practise It Again!

After Day 2 you will have one week to submit a further 3 minutes of your talk (or the same three minutes) for my personal review and feedback.


Special beta price £597 (or two payments of £298.50)  if you book your place before Friday 31st January. Price will go up to £797 as of 1st Feb.

Interested? Get in touch and let’s chat!

3. One to One Speaker intensive

A face to face (or online) 6 hour bespoke intensive focused around your specific needs. I have worked with recent clients to craft, practise and deliver their signature talk/keynote/TEDx. I have worked with other clients on pulling out the core story, getting clear on all the key messages for their business and then a strategy for application to increase their impact authority and reach through content marketing, podcast interviews, press and media and talks/workshops. This includes one months follow up support and access to my other courses.

Price £1997 or three payments of £665.60

Interested? Book in a call here https://helenpackham.as.me/?appointmentType=2721768

4. Land and Deliver 

The next live round of my course, designed to help you land and deliver a TEDx gig is starting on Monday March 6th and will run for four weeks. If you are interested in the course, you can sign up to the waitlist here and will be notified when doors are opening! The early bird price for the programme will be £397 with options for 121 coaching calls with me to support you progress and application.


If you have any questions about the programme please hit reply and ask!

So there you go. I’m peddling my wares and letting you know exactly how you can work with me right now.

Please just hit reply or book a call here to chat further if any of the above meets your current needs and you’d like to know more.

If not? No worries? I’ll be delivering more speaker/storytelling based content next week!

Much love



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