In a world where every expression and every gesture counts, what happens when your ability to show your feelings through facial expressions is limited? 

Zoe Cross, an international award-winning keynote speaker, author and coach, gives us a profound answer. In the latest “Words That Change Lives” podcast episode I sit down with Zoe to discuss her TEDx journey with me as her coach and mentor, how she learned to “smile on the inside,” and how she’s inspiring others to overcome rejection and thrive despite adversity.











Embracing the TEDx Challenge

Zoe was born with Moebius syndrome, a condition that resulted in facial paralysis. Growing up, Zoe faced not only the physical challenges associated with her condition but also the emotional toll of being different. However, it was precisely this difference that set the stage for her incredible journey into public speaking and eventually achieving her goal of delivering a TEDx talk.

A Dream to Inspire

Zoe had long admired the platform TEDx provided to speakers, sharing their powerful stories and impacting others. When she decided she wanted to be one of those transformative voices, she sought guidance from me and enrolled in my Land and Deliver programme. Together, we shaped Zoe’s core message, “Overcoming rejection by smiling with your heart,” which beautifully encapsulates her lived experience and her optimistic outlook on life.

Trials, Triumphs, and Talk Preparation

During the podcast episode, Zoe recounts the painstaking process of landing the TEDx talk, her surprise at being chosen despite it being a highly competitive platform, and the meticulous preparation that went into delivering her message effectively. She talks about overcoming nervousness and the joy of hearing laughter and experiencing support from her in-person audience.











Impact Beyond the TEDx Stage

Beyond her personal story, Zoe and I discuss the transformation she underwent from achieving her dream of speaking at TEDx to shifting her focus to money mindset and business coaching. She shares how the experience opened doors for her, leading to more speaking engagements and opportunities that were aligned with her passion and skills.

A Message That Transcends Boundaries

I hope Zoe’s philosophy of “smiling with your heart” resonates deeply with you and serves as a reminder that communication and connection go beyond the physical. Her success story is a testament to the power of resilience, creativity in self-expression, and a heartfelt approach to life’s challenges. You can listen to the full episode here 

You can also join the discussion by emailing me at or using the hashtag #wordsthatchangelives on social media.

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