Along the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship I’ve met some pretty awesome people. Clients, mentors, collab partners, all round good humans and biz besties.

And some just get you and stick.

At the start of my journey (about six years ago) I met one very special lady called Gemma Stow. We connected over our stories (something as you know I am a huge advocate for) and over the next few years our paths crossed in a multitude of ways. 

We’ve been to conferences, events, been part of masterminds together, drunk a lot of prosecco and had a lot of fun!

Gemma spoke at my conference in Brighton a few years ago and absolutely smashed her talk ‘no more hiding.’ This is everything she is about and she has absolutely soared over the last few years in helping women to really stand out and shine in work and business. Her story is incredibly inspiring, she has walked her talk and she is also an absolutely wonderful human to go with it.

So I was truly honoured to be invited to speak on her podcast and talk about how women can use their thought leader brand, story and speaking to really make an impact in whatever they do to raise their profile and visibility.

No More Hiding: Self Promotion at Work with Gemma Stow is a podcast that celebrates women using their voice to be seen and heard. Self promotion is often seen as a dirty word but there has never been a more important time to showcase strength. Own your expertise. Step into your spotlight. 

You can catch the episode here or by searching for the No More Hiding Podcast on Itunes.

Thanks so much for having me on Gemma!

Much love

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