Do you get those days when you just want to be invisible?

When energy is low and all you want to do I curl up and hide?

As a Mum, I frequently get days like this. Poorly kids, no sleep, a to-do list as long as my arm. Those energy zappers are everywhere!

And yet, because I run my own business, I feel like I have to show up in some way every single day all guns blazing. To be the life and soul of the party, buzzing like a bee in spring time.

Yesterday was definitely a day when I wanted to stay hidden.

It was International Women’s Day.

I had BIG stuff planned.

Maximum visibility and energy on ALL platforms.

But instead, I was looking after my poorly 19-month-old son who had 3 horrid bugs all in one go and didn’t know what to do with himself. (As I type he’s sitting right in my nook in his little sleeping bag.)

As a busy female in business, whether you are at the beginning of your journey or a little further down the line, I know you hear me on this.

So how do you stay visible and engaging when all you want to do is stuff a duvet over your head?

Here are a few tips that may help…….

Build a visibility vault – stock pile your best videos, lives, blogs and articles so that you always have a bank of relevant content to fall back on when you are incognito. Facebook Live replays in particular, continue to give energy long after you have done them, and are a fantastic way to refresh your audience on all the amazing things you have shared in the past. No room on your phone to save all your vids? You can save them direct to your computer so no need to clog up your phone memory!

Scale back – I’m writing you an email today because I don’t have the energy to go live, which is my usual preferred method of communication. But going live requires lots of energy, so I have scaled back by writing posts and am sending this email to you lovely lot whilst hugging my son with my other hand!

Be honest – As a leader of a community and following, I feel it’s super important to be honest about off days. Social media is full of high energy highlights, and when people feel low on energy they don’t often share. I feel it is my duty to share the light and the shade, so that others feel like they can have an off day and that it’s totally ok! Looking after yourself so you can be all guns blazing another day is crucial.

Go to your tribe – I am lucky enough to have a tribe of incredibly talented women who have my back as I do theirs. They are clients, friends, fans, business partners, mentors, all like-minded ladies with massive hearts. Yesterday I asked one of my clients to take the role of tribe leader for the day in my group, which she did wholeheartedly and smashed it! The other ladies in my group all rallied too, getting involved, engaging and supporting others and keeping the buzz alive. If you lack in energy, who can you ask to step up and lead? It will not only help you, but it will be a fab opportunity for them too.

Hope this helps. Let me know what you think.

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Much love
Helen x



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