I’m still floating on fluffy cloud nine after a life-changing day on Saturday. I’m so glad I made the decision at Christmas to collaborate with 5 other entrepreneurs to deliver a 300 person event like no other.

It was a big risk, professionally, emotionally and financially. A hell of a lot goes into putting on an event of this size and at many points, over the last few months, I have wondered if we would be able to pull it off.

I’m pleased to say that we did (and we could not have done it without our incredible event manager Liz Wilkins!)

Fire Up 2019 was a huge success. The feedback has been phenomenal, and I have walked away a changed person because of it too.

You see like everybody else I have my demons. The sneaky sister of self-doubt loves to rear her head and whisper things like ‘there’s no way you are good enough to deliver something like this!’

I had to dig deep and move past a load of blocks and barriers in order to bring my A game on Saturday. And when I stood up in front of those people at BMA house, I felt something shift inside me. ‘I can do this! I am worthy of it!’ was the voice shouting proudly in my ear.

Not only did I bust through some big old mindset blocks, but I also was finally able to step into the next phase of my business evolution. To finally say bugger off to playing small and own the expertise that I have built up over years and years.

I also learnt a shed load of valuable wisdom from the other speakers, and have made changes already to the way I work, what my vision and goals are, and how I can stay laser focused and productive to achieve them.

So my message to you…….

If you are faced with an opportunity, take it, do it, say yes and figure it out later. On the other side of that fear lies a fulfilment and satisfaction so great you will want to say ‘again again again!’

I shared my insights from Fire Up 2019 over in the Courageous Leaders Club and recounted exactly what happened when 300 people were whipped into a frenzy and charged over flaming hot coals, check it out here.

See you there.

Much love
Helen x

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