Do you know what has made Madonna one of the most successful song artists of all time?


She has continuously renewed, updated, expanded and changed her image and music throughout the years. Think about Madonna with the cones compared to Madonna singing with Justin Timberlake! Very different, but still Madonna, right?

Why am I banging on about this I hear you ask?!

It’s because we can all learn a thing or two from Madonna.

As an online entrepreneur, you are at the forefront of your brand. You also work in an ever-changing and fast-growing industry.

Standing still isn’t an option because quite frankly it will leave you behind.

So evolving, renewing and refreshing are crucial parts of your business journey.

When I think of how I have evolved over the last three years it’s pretty crazy. The Helen that taps out this email is a very different Helen to the one that timidly did her first ever Facebook Video back in February.

But yet I am still me.

And I’m at a crucial stage in my business where I’m taking things to the next level. That requires evolution. So I am changing lots of things, renewing and refreshing. I’m also going to be pushing those comfort zones and doing things I never thought possible.

If you need help with HOW to do this for you and your business I can help. I ran a FREE training session in The Courageous Leaders Club.

How to evolve in your business so you Stand Out and stay ahead of the pack.

I shared ALL the juicy details on exactly what I have done in the last year, and plan to do in the coming year so that I am known as an authority and expert in what I do and continue to grow my business financially and strategically.

Check it out! 

Much love

Helen x

PS. One big change I am making is the way I help people through 121 coaching. My packages are changing and my prices go up 31st January but I am opening up places to start working together within the next three months if you lock in at the current price.

Just book a call and we can explore how I can help you show up, get recognised and win more business and continue to expand and evolve.

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