I get asked all the time the best way to land the best speaking gigs like TEDx, corporate keynotes and industry conferences.

And the answer is really very simple. It’s also the way I have been able to land all of the above, PLUS get the best speakers at my events too.

And it comes down to one thing.


Building relationships is the number one way to land gigs. Why? Because that’s the way you meet key decision makers, influencers and other speakers.

Psssst…another secret…..

Speakers refer speakers. That’s right. Getting into the speaking circuit is so much easier if you already have relationships with other speakers.

That’s why attending an event like EL live isn’t just about learning or being inspired. You will be in a room FULL of top influencers, key decision makers and high profile speakers!

Here are a few tips on how you can build relationships when attending a live event like EL live. (please link to a blog that covers the whole thing.)

1.Research the speakers before the event

Find out about them, check out their website. Follow them on social media and send connection requests. Get informed about what they do so you can identify where you might be able to find common ground or add value to them.

2. Reach out

Send them a message introducing yourself and telling them that you look forward to their talk for x reasons. The human connection is so powerful and you are far more likely to be remembered if you have made yourself known

3. Give value

If you see before the event that they need support or help in a certain area, come to their aid. Share their posts on social media, offer advice if requested if it aligns to your area of expertise. Giving value is the best way to build genuine, win/win relationships with people.

4. Write a blog

A really great way of getting noticed and building authentic connections with key people is to write a blog. It could be reviewing a book they have published, talking about an event you are attending (I did this ahead of Janet Murray’s soulful PR event and the world-class leadership conference last year and my blog was shared out to their email lists and following.)

5. Say hello

On the day, make sure you introduce yourself in person! It only needs to take a few seconds but putting a name to the face will deepen the connection and might give you the opportunity for a conversation!

6. Share post event reflections

Relationships continue after an event takes place too. Sharing your reflections by a video, Facebook live, post or blog is a fantastic way to embed your learning from the event, and link to the speakers you want to give a shout out too. As above, they will most likely share the blog to their following if they get a mention in it!

So there you have it. Six simple ways to land gigs (and anything else biz wise) by building genuine relationships with key people at live events.

There’s still time to grab your ticket to EL live. Click the link to check out the ticket options available. There is also a handy instalment plan now available.


Much love


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