We are now officially through the first month of 2022!

How was it for you?

In my experience, it can either go one of two ways.

You felt good moving into the new year with intention (whatever that intention was) and felt a sense of fulfilment, contentment, or progress.

You struggled to feel a sense of newness and it felt tricky to energise and motivate yourself in the arbitrary tick over from one year to another.

Either way it’s ok! So many things can play into how you feel in the first month of the year. Things that are out of our control can swoop in, throw us off, or we may be lacking in clarity about how to make this year count.

After a good few months of challenge in the second half of 2022 my January felt like a breath of fresh air. For anyone in the second camp I’m certainly not sharing this to boast.

But I think it’s really beneficial to reflect back on the month so that we can move into February with purpose.

So here’s a few questions to ask yourself if you fancy completing a January review.

1.     On a scale of 1-10, 1 being sluggish and 10 being buzzing like a bee, how would you rate your energy levels in January?

2.     What goals or intentions did you set at the beginning of the month?

3.     How far do you feel you were able to honour those goals or intentions? (%)

4.     If less than 50%, what would have supported you?

5.     What wins however big or small did you achieve in January?

6.     How do you want to feel in February?

7.     What goals or intentions will help you increase your feelings of motivation and honouring your goals and intentions?

Even if you just answer question 5 it can be super useful.

Some of my January wins:

1.     Celebrated 60 days of sobriety feeling clear-headed and way more resilient

2.     Delivered our TEDx event after two years of challenges and planning

3.     Moved into my new home and to the next chapter with myself and my kids

4.     Overcame my limiting belief of DIY and built stuff!

5.     Signed two corporate contracts working on some exciting stuff in 2022

6.     Dj’d at a club in Brighton

7.     Read some wonderful books (Tidelands by Phillipa Gregory is incredible)

I’m not going to lie this January has been pretty eventful and that wasn’t due to planning rather everything happening at once. And although at times it was stressful and challenging (we all know what moving house is like!) It has made me realise again that doing big scary things is really bloody fulfilling.

So I’m setting an intention. That’s how I want to feel as much as possible going forward. Yes, things will be thrown in the way, there will be many more challenges to come. But taking time to stop, reflect and celebrate can really work wonders in setting intentions on what you want to happen next, AND how you deal with the curveballs.

Much love


Ps. If you feel like you need some support in reflecting on where you are in your business my AIR assessment may help. You can score yourself and get a visual snap shot of where you are currently in the areas of your Authority, Impact and Reach.

Download it for free here (if you haven’t done so already.)


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