I bet you have set some health focused goals moving into 2020.

It’s something we all want to do more of. I’ve been pretty good at prioritising exercise and journaling, however the one thing that I haven’t been able to crack consistently is my meditation practice. 

I know how huge the benefits are for my general health, stress levels and being able to look after my kids without losing my sh*t every day (can you relate?!)

And yet because I find it so tricky to just sit and ‘be’, it always slips to the bottom of the list.

Well I think I have finally cracked it! 

The other day I was looking through my head space app reluctantly deciding which meditation to do when I noticed there was a group meditation starting in 15 minutes and would I like a reminder before it starts? I opted for yes and when the reminder popped up I joined. 

The little counter was going up telling me how many people were tuning in to do it live with me. As the numbers totted up I felt a sense that I belonged to something that others were doing for similar reasons and that felt really good! The meditation was all the better for it, and since then I have happily and consistently been joining in on the group meditations. 

Why is this important to share?

Because this year, as you pursue your goals, you might be thinking about achieving them alone. They are your goals after all! But what if you were on one part of your journey with others? What if just working through something with other like minded people could enhance your journey and help you stick to your path?

If becoming a sought after speaker is on your list this year then honing your speaking skills and crafting a talk should be too.

I have a few spaces left on my Online Speaker Boot Camp, happening on the 10th and 28th Feb. I’ll be guiding you through exactly what you need to pull those ideas out of your head and place them down into a beautifully crafted, impactful talk. A talk that you know how to deliver authentically and naturally whilst really packing a punch. 

Here is how it works: 

Ultimate Speaker Online 2 day Boot Camp February 10th and 28th

This is a two-day LIVE virtual boot camp designed to help you craft and deliver your signature or specific event talk with personal feedback and reviews from me. This is a beta run and so I am offering this at a special introductory price.

Day 1 10th Feb 09.30am-2.30pm  – Craft It

  • 5 hours (with breaks) online interactive workshop via zoom to help you:
  • Decide your signature/keynote/TED talk structure
  • Nail your core message – the essential foundation of your talk
  • Craft your talk using my mind map method so that it sticks in your head
  • Learn the secret storytelling tricks that make your talk come alive
  • Make it bang with a memorable open and close
  • Create your 3 magic pills – what the audience will leave with

Practise It

In between day 1 and 2 you will submit a 3-minute video of part of your talk to me for review. I will give you my personal feedback before day 2.

Day 2 – Nail it

Friday 28th Feb 09.30-1.30pm

4 hours (with break) online interactive workshop via zoom

Day 2 is all about delivery. 

Learn how to…

  • Memorise your talk so that you deliver it naturally without notes
  • Build your presence aligned with your personality
  • Learn some inside speaker tricks for maximum impact
  • Learn about visual storytelling and blocking
  • Get the 101 on how to use slides

Practise It Again!

After Day 2 you will have one week to submit a further 3 minutes of your talk (or the same three minutes) for my personal review and feedback.


Special beta price £597 (or two payments of £298.50)  if you book your place before Friday 31st January. Price will go up to £797 as of 1st Feb.

Getting speaker ready can absolutely be done alone but how about going on the journey with others? You never know what you might learn and doing it together can make it all the more memorable, enjoyable and productive.

I’ll report back on my meditation results soon!

And if you’d like to chat about the boot camp? Just hit reply.

Much love

Helen x

PS – If you are unsure and what some free advice on how to become a better speaker, I am sharing lots of tips and tricks in my free Facebook community sought after speakers this week.

Come join us here www.facebook.com/groups/soughtafterspeakers

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