I’ve spoken to a few prospective new clients in the last week and I’ve heard a few similar things crop up. 

They have a clear idea on what a sought after speaker looks like in their head…

  1. Polished and professional
  2. Has a lot of experience in standing up and delivering talks
  3. Knows their talk back to front and can deliver it with precision
  4. Has a keynote or signature talk nailed and in the bag
  5. Delivers with no hiccups and to perfection


I get it! But what if I told you that only two of the above are really important? 

To be a sought after speaker you really don’t have to be a polished professional cookie-cutter speaker, with the right-hand movements and placements on stage and super duper whizzy slides. You don’t need loads of experience in delivering talk after talk and have a shiny speaker reel. You don’t need to deliver every talk with precision and perfection.

Honestly? That would be pretty boring 

Now other speaker coaches out there may not agree with me, but here is where I am different.

Here is what you need (in my opinion) to become a sought after speaker:


For your journey, what led you here, why you do what you do and why you want to help others by spreading a powerful message far and wide


The fastest way to connect with your audience and leave them thinking of nothing but your talk for the rest of the day? Human connection. The wizziest slides in the world don’t achieve that. But vulnerability does. However that looks for you, or is appropriate for your talk, being real and willing to put your hand up is the most powerful thing you can do to become a sought after speaker. It’s ALL about the realness.


Having the courage to get up there, get out there and share something that can help so many, but that some may not agree with is the thing that your audience will see. Audiences aren’t impressed by where you place your feet on the stage, but how you have shown that you are willing to get up and deliver, even if it isn’t perfect, even if it isn’t 100% polished. Courage is everything. Yes, delivering impact is super important, but people connect with courage. 


I know I bang on about this a lot but in my opinion it is the most important thing that a speaker brings to the table. If you are a naturally shy person? You can use storytelling to calm your nerves and disarm an audience. If you don’t feel you have the presence of Michael Macintyre? Stories bring your words to life and make them go so much further. Stories are words on steroids! 

A core message

The way to deliver a succinct, articulate and impactful talk is to understand the message that threads through it from beginning to end. The core message is the backbone of your talk, and getting clear on this lets everything else fall into place with ease. 

A method of delivery

There are many ways to skin a cat, just like there are many ways to deliver a talk. Having a method of delivery, including a structure and flow can help you go from winging it to soaring.

Are you ready to become a sought after speaker? Then you are in luck. I will guide you step by step to develop your core message craft a killer talk and deliver it with courage, using the magical art of storytelling. Click here to find out all the details. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1L8FTFrLzJfB01n7uiUVFn56P0wlzvotzipZjFlc-FgA/edit?usp=sharing

Early bird ends 31st Jan.

Much love

Helen x

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