What’s the thing you do in your business that has been a delightful surprise? 

Maybe it’s something you didn’t know you had a knack or skill for.

Or it might be a method or process that has evolved over time that you love getting stuck into.

For me? It’s the process of helping a client pull together the core story of their business. 

I work with entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants. Everyone that comes to me has a story inside them that they need to share aligned with their business.


Because they want to make their own dent in the universe

Help and inspire others

Connect with their existing and new audience

Raise their profile and increase their reach

Generate leads and turn those leads into clients

Share their story on the virtual or real-life stage

Just a few reasons. 

The core story process

  1. Before the session, the client pulls together a rough draft of their core story, any ideas or notes they have on it (they may not have anything which is ok too!) 
  2. I prepare for the process by reviewing the notes and gathering relevant data and information.
  3. When we meet I delve straight into the story with the client and get them to tell me in real time.
  4. I examine it from all angles
  5. I tap into the emotion that was being felt at that exact time
  6. I find the story around each moment
  7. We put a structure (usually one of four) to the story
  8. I help the client define the ‘3 magic bullets’ of the story
  9. I then help the client pull out the key messages aligned with the story that can be used in online content, talks, interviews, workshops etc.
  10. I work with the client to devise a strategy for pitching to publications, virtual events, podcasts so that they can get their story out there.
  11. They get one month’s follow up support to send me their core story again in written AND video form 


I absolutely love this work.

It always feels an honour to be allowed into someone’s story, to draw it out and piece it together so that it can be shared with the world.

To give someone their voice, so that they can help others. 

It’s a personal thing, and I know some of you may be thinking ‘I don’t even know what the story is!’ It doesn’t have to be a great adventure. It doesn’t have to be traumatic. It may be those things and that’s ok, but the main thing is it is YOUR story. 

I have two ways I can help you with this. 

OPTION 1 Mini intensive

2 hours in my garden or on Zoom pulling together your core story. Then you get two week’s follow up support for us to write it, or you to record it and I give you feedback and editing. 

Current price £547 going up to £627 30th Sept

OFFER! Book in a mini core story intensive before 30th Sept and you also get access to my Virtual Speaking Pro course worth £197  absolutely free! 

OPTION 2 Full Intensive

6 hours either face to face or online (can be split into separate sessions) 

I follow the 11 steps listed above to not only help you nail your core story but help you to formulate it into talks, workshops, live streams and about me pages, as well as helping you pitch to land speaking gigs, press articles and the rest. You then get one month’s follow up support where I help you every step of the way to take action and get yourself out there. 

Current price £1497 going up to £1987 on 30th Sept

OFFER! Book in the full intensive before 30th Sept and you also get access to my Virtual Speaking Pro AND Virtual Training Pro courses worth an extra £547 absolutely free! 

Want to chat? Hit reply and let’s arrange a time or click the link and book in a time to talk here




Much love



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