I’m getting such a kick out of training corporate leaders and I have been doing it a lot this year. In these sessions, we work on ways they can tell their story, the journey of their development and how it has led them to where they are now.

It always ends up being real and vulnerable. I guess that is one of the reasons I enjoy it but the reason that it matters so much is that it helps their audience to connect with them more deeply.

But you don’t need to be in corporate or consider yourself a leader to get benefits out of telling your story and I believe it’s always a good time to tell your story!

Think about what you have to share, maybe it’s something that can inspire others, motivate them or educate them.

Maybe by sharing your story, you can help not just one other person, but hundreds or thousands of other people.

Maybe this is what will finally get you seen.

Why is it important?

If you run your own business, lead people in some way, run a community, are present on social media or have a blog, then people need to hear your story.

Not only to understand more about you and why you do what you do, but it’s also the best way for them to connect with you as a person.

Humans buy humans. And what better way to connect and build relationships than by sharing the thing that means the most to you?

So, you get why it’s important but just where do you start? Well let’s start with your core story

Your core story isn’t your life story. It is an edited version containing ONLY the key parts of your journey that are relevant to where you are now, how you can help and inspire people. So get some paper, get it out of your head and then get ruthless! Remove any stories on your journey that don’t need to be told. Here are some strategies to really nailing your core story:

  • Think about who you are speaking to and why they would want to hear it? The people who resonate with your story the most are going to be people who can relate. If you aren’t clear on who you are speaking to I recommend doing an ideal client audience exercise.
  • It doesn’t need to be big or dramatic It really doesn’t need to be. What makes a story so impactful is the CONNECTION that it creates. And the biggest way to connect? Speak from the heart and speak the truth.
  • Do people really want to hear me bang on about myself? It’s not about you. It’s about the message, the lessons, the wisdom you have to share as a result of your story. So move yourself out of the way and start reaching people who need you!
  • What’s the point of doing it? Not only will you feel a huge sense of achievement from being brave, getting out there and getting visible, you will also feel all the fuzzies from helping, inspiring and supporting others by sharing it. Not only that but you can also use it to grow your audience, raise your expert status and turn followers to leads to clients.
  • The all important Call to Action Yes! The call to action at the end of your story could be to book a call with you, or to sign up to your email list, follow you on social media or take part in a value giving challenge or similar.

So what is stopping you? Hit comment and let me know, let’s hash it out together.

Want to explore this further?

Here is how I can help

Your story is one element of my AIR system and an integral part of any business building.

If you are ready to work one to one check out the details of my intensive. I have spaces open for September.

Much love

Helen x

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