I’ve been making some awesome new connections over on LinkedIn recently. 
There are so many hidden opportunities out there for you to take from making new friends and having a virtual cuppa.

Which is why I’m super pumped to be collaborating with some awesome people right now. This week I’m recording a masterclass for a group of professionals who are giving virtual talks at an online conference. I’ll be supporting them to put together a highly impactful talk AND confidently deliver it to the camera. 

One of the things discussed with the organizers was how to make the virtual talk look really professional. 

  • Do you stand up or sit down?
  • If the talk is pre-recorded do you use captions?
  • How do you use body language?
  • What do you have as your backdrop?

One idea discussed was using a green screen to superimpose a stage behind the speaker. 
My advice back was that it would look a bit naff!

If you want to give a professional looking talk you DON’T need anything gimmicky like a green screen or super fancy background.

In my opinion?

WHAT you say and HOW you say it is the most important thing. 

The words you use. 
The stories you tell. 
The power you pack into a simple sentence.

Then comes presence. 

How you stand.
How you gesture.
How you use the space around you. 
How you interact with your audience to keep them hanging off your every virtual word. 

I’ll be sharing some more tips on how to deliver a knockout virtual talk in my Facebook group Sought After Speakers this week.

To be in the know all you have to do is join and look out for the info!
I hope to see you there.

Much love
Helen x

PS. If you are ready to get support today in becoming a knock out virtual speaker then check out my Virtual Speaking Pro course and if you have any questions? Just hit reply!

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