I’m excited as I am off camping today! I’m going with a group of friends and their kids to a field with woods. It will just be us, nature and lots of lovely food. 

What I’m really looking forward to is how we help each other out. We care for each other’s kids, we cook, clean and tidy for each other and there is a great sense of community spirit.

Which is exactly how I felt when I created my course Virtual Training Pro.


I may have been in learning and development in one-way shape or form for 20 years now (I got my first job as a coach at Virgin Atlantic in the year 2000!) But I’m not the expert in all areas.

That’s why I teamed up with some amazing friends to add to the mix.

Jessica Lorimer is my sales mentor and has provided a webinar sharing with you how you can win the corporate training gigs.

Andy Storch is an expert in the skill of online facilitation and has provided a masterclass packed full of tips and tricks on how you can uplevel your facilitation skills.

Muhammad Meghiji is an expert in using online tools for collaboration. He’ll be running a LIVE masterclass using Mural, an awesome online collaboration tool you can use.

Andy’s and Muhammad’s bonuses are only available until the 30th of July! 

Find out all the details of the course here and if you have any questions? Just hit reply!


Much love



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