I’ve been speaking to a lot of clients in the last few weeks who have had the TEDx gigs they are speaking at postponed. Of course this is completely understandable given the current situation and for some, it might feel that they won’t make it on a stage for the rest of the year if not beyond.

I actually feel very differently to this. I’ve been working in, around and under the TED umbrella for quite a while and have really got to understand the ethos behind TED, what it stands for and that it always truly delivers on its strapline ‘ideas worth spreading.’

This is the future

We are in the middle of some very confusing times. The future’s uncertain, and we have many pressures coming at us from all sides. But the beautiful thing is that I  have also seen a huge burst in creativity and innovative thinking. So many new ideas worth spreading will burst out of this vortex of confusion and isolation, and I know that the people of TED and the independently run TEDx events will fully embrace that. TED after all provides a platform for people with ideas and stories that can make a positive impact in the world.

TED is adapting

I have already heard that many organisers are bringing their events in Q2 and Q3 online. I am the curator for a brand new TEDx event and it’s still full steam ahead for our date in October (more details on that to follow!) So TED won’t be stopping at all, and it’s a great opportunity to start to cultivate your ideas so you can pitch them to event curators for Q3/Q4 of 2020 and 2021. 

Now is the time to go left

One of the main things I help my clients to achieve is a ‘go left’ idea worth spreading. Simply put, this means an idea that is original, a twist on an existing idea, a compelling story or a passionate opinion or view backed up by data or experience. 

This incubation period has already seen people bursting with ideas. So with a little reflection time, imagine what you could speak about on the TED stage, be it virtual or real life.

Here are a few questions to prompt you 

  1. What have you noticed happening recently that you feel passionately about and what help can you offer?
  2. What different behaviours are you noticing and how does that align to your area of subject matter expertise?
  3. What ideas have you come up with recently that can improve the current way we do things that could improve it for the better?
  4. What stories have you heard, or experienced yourself that could provide inspiration and a strong message to others?
  5. What new thinking do you have that might be born from data or research that has been carried out in this time period?

Have a think, jot it down and ask yourself ‘does this message go left?’ If you are stuck with this, hit me up and tell me. I will share my honest and open feedback.

So rather than wait till all this dies down, get ahead of the curve and start articulating your ideas now. Choose an event that you want to speak at and pitch your idea. Whether they are postponing it or bringing it online, TED is here to stay and will continue to remain a credible platform for you to increase your impact authority and reach and make a positive dent in the world.

My TEDx course starts in June. If you’d like to secure a place there are some bonuses to snap up before April 1st.

Here are all the details https://helenpackham.lpages.co/land-deliver-2020-with-helen-packham-storytelling-speaker-coach/

And if not? I’ll be going live in my group Sought After Speakers on Tuesday this week to help you with this. There will also be an OPEN MIC this Friday where you can share your ideas and get my feedback! 

In the mean time? Keep percolating and incubating those ideas, and just before you are ready, start looking for where you can share them. Life goes on, TED goes on, and so do your ideas.

Much love

Helen x

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