I was mapping out a launch strategy with one of my clients the other day and we got talking about FOMO (fear of missing out.) Some people see early birds and bonuses as a sneaky marketing tactic but I like to think of it differently.

I’ve done a fair few launches now and I see that people need help making decisions. I’m the same. If everything was left to me I’d be a buying nightmare! I need to be guided to a decision I know is a good one for me.

Which is why when I say that the early bird for EL live is ending at midnight, I’m not kidding!

The event is worth way more than the ticket price whether you choose the virtual, day 1, 2 day or VIP option.

Why am I so confident about that?

Because you can’t put a price on transformation.

So here are a few reasons to help you make the decision to come to EL live, and if you have ANY questions, don’t be shy and hit reply. I want to make sure it’s the right event for you too.

You get the chance to REALLY tap into your story. And I don’t mean a skim the surface timeline. I mean a story that will deeply connect you to your fans, followers and clients. You can’t get that from an Udemy course on Storytelling you have to experience it.

You get to work out which parts of your story to use, based on what is MOST important to you and aligned with your big goals. It can be confusing when thinking about which parts of you to share, what things to focus on, because some might not seem relevant.

You get to learn from the best. Leaders who have tapped into their own experiences and are now using them to change thousands of people’s lives through the art of storytelling. I’ve hand picked the speakers, including Ann Daniels, who has travelled to places we can never think imaginable and is now sharing her stories in a wonderfully compelling way. There are also people just like you and I speaking, who will prove that you don’t need to have experienced great tragedy to tell a compelling story.

You get to put your learning into action and take away practical tools and strategies that will help increase your sales, directly influence how you market yourself every day and boost your authority and visibility.

You get to invest the time and space in YOU. When was the last time you took the time to delve into the reason why you are here today doing what you do? Add an incredible high energy learning environment AND a luxury spa experience and the ideas will be spilling out before you know it!

Learn the biggest secret to business success. I know it, the speakers know it, and deep down you know it. You are hard wired to tell stories, they connect us as human beings. We have been doing it for thousands of years. People buy people, and they instantly connect with you through the stories you tell. Learn how to win more business by telling stories that make profit.

You get to share your story to an audience – if you have had a burning passion inside you to share your story, but you haven’t yet found the courage to do it, then this will be the perfect opportunity. After taking in all the inspiration and learning, you will have the chance to take to the mic at the end of Day 1. With the crowd whopping cheering and supporting you. You can’t put a price on how that feels.

Harnessing the power of stories has been the single biggest catalyst for my business success, in ALL areas. I want to share that with you so you can experience the same.

If you want a few more you can find 12 other reasons to attend EL live 2018 here.

Take one of the remaining early bird tickets before prices go up at midnight tonight.

Entrepreneurial Leaders Live 2018 – with Helen Packham

Don’t forget to use the code ‘Emailloyalty’ to get your discount.

I’d love to see you in June in Brighton.

Helen x

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