Hands up, I really am.

You may have seen my blog the other day sharing why I hadn’t been owning it recently.

(If you didn’t, you can still catch my honest live stream from last week giving 4 reasons why we ALL need to own it here!)

Once I started really digging into this with my coach, I realised that one of the biggest areas I haven’t truly been owning is my expertise as a speaker and speaker mentor.

And it’s down to the age-old problem that many people face which is….. dun dun DAHHHH…


You know that pesky thing?!

I’d been comparing myself to other speaker experts in my niche and shying away because they were already nailing it.

But after a lot more digging I realised just what a hypocrite I am. (BTW as coaches we don’t have all the answers for ourselves, its impossible to, which is why I recommend having a coach!)

On a daily basis I help my clients uncover their true expertise. What they are really bloody good at, and how they can use it to stand out as thought leaders and experts, build a following and win more business.

And yet I wasn’t owning it myself.

Until I reminded myself why I am an expert in what I do. And there are a good few factors that influence this like there are for YOU too!

Because I see so many people not owning their expertise, I’m delivered a live training in my Facebook Group The Courageous Leaders Club around this exact topic.

I shared the ways that you can OWN your expertise, and use it to Stand Out, get recognised as an expert AND win more business in 2019.

Sound good?

Check it out here.

Helen xx

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