I’m super excited as today is the day that the doors open to my brand new Facebook community Sought After Speakers. You can join us here www.facebook.com/groups/soughtafterspeakers

There will be all sorts going on this week as the new members get to know each other. I’ll also be introducing some of the fab weekly opportunities that I’m creating for the community. 

Having run a successful FB group before, I know what people need and how they can get the most from being there.

So here is a sneak peak of one nifty weekly feature.

First though, a question for you.

How are you feeding your content ideas?

If you run a business then you will know that showing up consistently online and significantly offline is an essential strategy to ensure you become visible, credible and profitable.

And yet coming up with those content ideas that are fresh, new and exciting can be tricky right?

That’s where stories come in.

Building a story bank is a fantastic way of ensuring your talks, lives, posts and blogs are full of juicy captivating messages that really hit home.

But it’s not that easy! I hear you say. Coming up with those stories isn’t easy either!


Every other week I’ll post a thread that will help you share and collect fresh, new and exciting story ideas.

It might be a quote, an article, a story you heard on the tube. Something you caught on the radio or read in the online news.

Sharing your ideas within the community will pay you dividends, as you will also be able to collect sparkly new ideas in return. Then go out there and use them!

Sought After Speakers share stories!

It could be 

  • A story you heard on the radio
  • Something you read in the newspaper
  • An article
  • A quote you have seen
  • Something that happened to you
  • A song lyric you are inspired by

This is just one of the many fab things I have planned for the group. Come drop by, say hey and introduce yourself. It’s going to be awesome www.facebook.com/groups/soughtafterspeakers

Much love

Helen x

P.S. My prices are going up on 31st October. If you’d like to speak to me about working 121 AND get a juicy bonus (my brand new Land and Deliver TEDx course) then hit reply or book a call here 



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