Are you someone who likes to get things done and take action?
Are you always looking for the solution to the problem?

Yes me too!

Having this trait is super helpful in moving forward and getting things done, but sometimes it can actually work against us. Especially if we want something really bad.
Because grasping onto an outcome with ferocity can actually create the opposite type of energy that you want to achieve.

Whether it be success in your business
That amazing speaking gig
Meeting your soulmate
Or finding your dream home

Trust is everything.

Trusting that life is designed to support you
Trusting that you are worthy of what you desire
Trusting that you have the skills and knowledge to achieve whatever you want
Trusting that it already is available to you

When we trust, we can let go of the negative beliefs that can creep up, sabotaging our actions and getting in the way of our dreams.

Case in point for me recently:

I’d sold my house MONTHS ago and yet couldn’t find anywhere suitable for myself and my kids. The market is crazy right now, houses are at extortionate prices, I was feeling mounting pressure that my buyer would pull out. The house move is part of my divorce so not finding a house was also impacting on other people. There was nowhere in the area I wanted to live that was right.

Then a few things happened:

  1. I had a session with someone I’ve been coaching with on and off for the last few years and they reminded me to trust the process, be open to receive what is already available to me, and let go of the chase and frustration I was experiencing.
  2. I got super super clear on exactly what I wanted and held that in my mind
  3. I then let go of the frustrated, chasing feeling and surrendered
  4. I also listened to this fab podcast by Haley Hoffman Smith

And low and behold a lovely little house came through at just the right time. It’s in the ideal location, feels safe and cosy and is big enough for us all to grow into.

I’m sharing this because there may be something that feels out of your grasp right now. You may be feeling frustrated from trying and trying and not getting the results you want.

You aren’t alone in feeling this way, but you can do something about that feeling. The peace and calm that comes from letting go is pretty awesome. And then see what happens.

You’ve got this!

If this resonates hit comment and let me know

Much love

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