Your reason to be fearful isn’t here, it’s over there.’

One of the most helpful things I have read in months.

I put this post out yesterday and want to share it here too.


Like most people in the modern world, I get anxious.

I had frequent panic attacks in my twenties, then it came back after having my kids in the form of postnatal anxiety disorder. CBT was my saviour and I highly recommend it to anyone that experiences anxiety.

Last year I had a routine smear test come back with ‘severe abnormal cells.’ I had a colposcopy that revealed I had CIN 3 cells. CIN 2 or CIN 3, are precancerous.

This means that although they do not usually cause symptoms, high-grade abnormalities have the potential to develop into early cervical cancer over about 10–15 years if they are not detected and treated.

I had NO clue about any of this before finding out my results. It was only after reaching out to friends and colleagues I realised that it was much more common than I thought, which was incredibly reassuring.

A LLETZ operation followed to remove the cells and a biopsy was taken to determine if there was anything else going on.

I did a post after having this op to encourage the ladies I’m connected with to book in their routine smear appointments. The response was huge, with so many women messaging to say that it had prompted them to overcome their fear and just book it in.

Fast forward six months and another smear came back with abnormalities. In the time that had past since my op I had lost my dear Dad to pancreatic cancer and my Mum was and still is taking warrior like strides in beating liver cancer (bloody love you Mum you inspire me every day!)

So this time around my old buddy anxiety came back with a vengeance. None of my existing strategies worked and I felt myself catastrophising big style!

🔥Then I read a book that changed everything. 🔥

I went away over New Year and read ‘The Fear Bubble’ by Ant Middleton. Ant is an ex SAS soldier and Everest climber who found a different way of managing fear throughout his highly dangerous career.

His method helps you view fear as being contained in a bubble. It goes a little something like this…

  1. 👌🏻Where you are right now isn’t in the bubble so there is no need to feel fear.
  2. 👌🏻Fear is over there, at some point in the future.
  3. 👌🏻When you reach that point, you step into the bubble
  4. 👌🏻Use the fear feeling to your advantage and then step out again.

In the weeks leading up to the appointment, every time I felt anxious, I would tell myself that it wasn’t here, it was over there, and pictured the bubble around the hospital.

It really helped me rationalise the anxiety and neutralise my emotions.

When the appointment came I fully stepped into the bubble, prepared for whatever they would do or find. That appointment had positive outcomes, I am now discharged and don’t have to have another smear for three years.


Why am I telling you about this?

Two reasons….

🌟1. Take action over your fear, Knowledge is power. So book that smear test, check yourself regularly and take action if you have any concerns. Our NHS service is incredible. The care that I and my family members and friends have received for various reasons over the last few months is phenomenal. They are there to support you.

🌟2. Anxiety and fear are totally within your control. Just using this simple method saved me weeks and weeks of catastrophising by grounding me in the here and now.

🌟3. You can use the fear bubble method for anything that you feel nervous or anxious about, even public speaking!

I hope it helps in some way.

Do you suffer from anxiety?

What tools and methods help you? Hit reply and share!

Thanks for reading.

Much love

Helen x

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