Have you ever lost your mojo?

You know, the fiery passion you have for your business that means that no matter what challenges you face you know you will be ok?

Well I completely lost mine recently. And it was the first time since leaving the corporate world that I felt this 100%. It was quite worrying, what the hell did it mean?!

So I took myself off for a little break last week to find out and it was the best thing I could have done.

I’m pleased to say that my mojo is back, but not without doing these crucial things….

1. Spending some time to do absolutely nothing. Not mum stuff, not biz stuff, not even life stuff. Just sweet diddly squat.

2. Reflecting on how far I’d come and where I am now in relation to where I thought I was.

3. Looking forward to the future and clarifying who I want to be, and how that aligns with how I’m putting myself out into the world.

And now everything feels lighter, clearer. The mojo is back and no doubt will be firing on all cylinders soon.

I did a live about this today, going into more detail about what I did to get my mojo back. I’ve made it super easy to watch by uploading it to youtube, you can watch it here.

But I’d love to know. What do you do when you lose your mojo?

Hit comment and let me know!

Much love

Helen x

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