Last week something happened in my personal life which meant I needed to be with those closest to me.

It was crucial that my time, energy and focus wasn’t anywhere but home for a good few days and that meant showing up online just wasn’t a priority.

Now, some of the online gurus would call this entrepreneurial blasphemy. They say ‘show up regardless of what’s happening in your life and continue to be top of mind for your followers and potential clients.’

I didn’t even have the capacity to be worried about this.

And so for the FIRST time in nearly 2 years I didn’t show up for a week.

I didn’t ask anyone to cover for me and Infact I asked my wonderful VA Sharon to remove some scheduled posts.

Some were scheduled already on other platforms so those were left, but other than that?


And what happened?
What happened when I didn’t market myself for a whole week?

I signed two clients.

Two clients came to me, told me they wanted to work with me and signed up then and there. Over £4000 of secured business.

I also had 2 discovery calls book in my calendar for the coming weeks.

So instead of fretting about where my next dollar bills were coming from, I could spend time with my family, spend time with myself and get through the tricky patch.

The lesson here is that you CAN take a break from marketing yourself on social media and the world won’t fall apart.

But I have found that doing these things can help you get to the point where you are signing clients even when you aren’t online…..

1. Show up consistently most of the time

A lot of people find showing up consistently difficult. They don’t know where to start and how to break it down and it ends up in a messy tangle. My advice is to write a piece of long form content over the weekend or on a Monday so you have a blog or content for your email or FB live straight up front. You can then break that down into shorter posts to use on LinkedIn, FB, IG and Twitter over the week. Schedule where you can, or get help to do this.

2. Position yourself as the expert

Having kudos for what you do builds trust in your ideal client. They know that you can deliver because they have seen you discussing the biggest problems you can solve for them in an expert way. The clients who signed this week had already made the decision that they wanted to work with me and there was no need to convince. So focus on your expertise and position yourself as the go to expert in what you do.

3. Have a strategy for your offer

Having a high level strategy means that all my goals, plans and programmes are focused around those strategies, so I know what I’m promoting and what content to put out to point towards that. The content I had been putting out over the last few weeks had lodged in my ideal client’s minds. And because the content was focused towards my programmes, they knew what I could do to help them.

Taking time offline won’t kill your business. It’s really important to unplug, spend time with those you love and do what you’ve got to do.

Having a plan, positioning yourself as the expert and showing up MOST of the time will ensure your ideal client knows all about how you can help them.

How consistent are you? Comment below and let me know.

Much love
Helen x

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