You know that feeling of closing the loop. Coming to fruition, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

It feels good doesn’t it?

On Wednesday I felt a peaceful sense of completion.

An invisible golden circle was closed off in my mind and heart. My Dad (amongst many other things) was a glider pilot. He spent most of his spare time at the Southdown gliding club in Storrington, teaching, helping others and soaring through the skies. And yesterday we said a very special and proper goodbye to him.

My step mum Carole went up in an open top glider and released him to the wind.

‘Grandad became a cloud’ my daughter observed. ☁️☁️☁️

It was the most perfect way to say goodbye.

Knowing that In some way he was watching us, chuckling at our logistical conversations on how to release his ashes, and proud that his wife took to the skies whilst his daughter, sister and grandkids watched. It felt complete. But it made me ponder…

If you were to really think about it, how many things in your life remain uncompleted right now?

• Those tasks lurking at the bottom of your to do list that haven’t gone anywhere for months
• That loved one or friend you are avoiding because you aren’t saying how you really feel
• That wardrobe bursting at the seems with clothes that need a damn good sort
• Those bills that need to be paid

Avoidance is the most common defence mechanism we have as humans.

And when the shizzle hits the fan?

I do this ALL the time.

• I’ve avoided seeing people and isolated myself because I can’t deal with what will come up
• I’ve avoided fully transitioning into my new life and all the adult responsibilities that brings
• I’ve avoided telling people how I really feel because I’m scared of what they might say

But it’s not helpful at all!

Gay Hendricks talks about completion in his most recent book the joy of genius. He even has a handy little worksheet to help you come to completion in areas of your life
(check that out here

• When we feel completion on something we release negative emotion.
• When we close the loop we free up space for creative thought and opportunity
• The burden of loose ends is replaced with a positive sense of order and calm

So what needs completing in your life right now?

Move towards it

Close the loop Feel the joy

For me, this day marked completion in a peaceful sense. It was a fitting way to honour my Dad and his life on this planet.

But as a result, I’m opening up a new loop.

I’m going to do something to honour him further and help others in the process. I’m going to raise money for pancreatic cancer in a way that will make my dad proud, laugh and cheer. And yes it involves being up in the sky!
More info v soon.

Hit comment and tell me – what can you bring to completion today?

Much love
Helen x

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