When I entered into the world of entrepreneurship I stepped onto a steep learning curve of how to build a consumer facing business. In the last five years I have built online communities, delivered one to one and group programmes, put on live conferences and events and have found my niche in verbal comms. I’ve learnt so much and it has been an honour to work with some incredible clients helping them shape their ideas, share their stories and write and deliver a multitude of talks.

The last few years has seen a lot of changes in the coaching landscape. I’ve been working with some incredible corproate clients in that time and this work really lights me up.

So over the next few months I’m going to be continuing to focus on and evolve this work. Verbal communication is still my niche and I’ll be growing my offerings for leaders in areas of influence, conflict, leadership, speaking, presenting and pitching. The work I do with coaches and leaders has a lot of cross over, and so it feels natural and exciting to be moving this way.

What does this mean for my coaching services?

As I’ll be focusing most of my time on my corporate leadership delivery, I will be reducing down my one to one availability.

If you are a coach, consultant or small business owner and aren’t sure of what my one to one services look like, you can check out the details here. I next have an opening for one to one work in September and can work with 2 clients from September – December.

This also means I won’t be focusing on group programmes or launches for now. So if your budget doesn’t accommodate one to one work but you would still like my support, my courses are the main way I can help.

Virtual Speaking Pro
Covers the six key methods of virtual delivery so that you can increase your authority, impact and reach in the online world, including virtual keynotes and webinars.


Virtual Training Pro
Is designed to help you become confident in delivering learning and training programmes virtually. Virtual is going no where and it’s a fab skill to hone if you want to have a mix of live and online delivery.


Land and Deliver
Since I wrote this course I have gone on to become a TEDx curator. I therefore no longer actively promote but it is still available and worth grabbing if TED is on your goal list.


If you have any questions about how my services are evolving or if you’d like to know more about my one to one intensives or courses then book in a turbo call and let’s chat.


Much love
Helen x

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