2 million……That’s how many bits of information are deluging your senses every second.

7……That’s how many bits of information you can process every second (give or take a few.)
In an increasingly noisy world, our brain has to find a way of cutting out all the noise so we don’t go pop. This proves quite tricky if you need to engage an audience of potential and existing customers.

Here’s what happens…

1. We delete information. Ever completely missed something that was staring you in the face? That’s deletion.

2. We distort information. Many studies have shown that we receive information differently even if the same message is given.

3. We generalise. In order to make sense of things, we label them, we put them in boxes, and we generalise. This leads us to make assumptions that aren’t true.

Why is this important to know?

When giving a talk or workshop, hosting a webinar or doing a livestream, your audience needs clear and engaging information in order to fully receive what you are saying.

engaging your audience

So how do you do that?

If you want to make a big impact remember these three things:

1. Less is more
If you like to waffle but really want to get across a crucial point that could mean you get one more follower or client, then try using fewer, more powerful words. Think about words that make the most impact. This doesn’t mean using words that you wouldn’t normally use with your audience. Using your authentic voice is crucial.

💡Example – Marks and Spencer use fewer more powerful words in their food adverts. Delectable, oozing melt in the middle puds sound very tempting!

2. Tell a story using examples and facts.
Everyone loves a good story. It’s a great way of helping your audience to remember and create meaning around your key points. Information is more likely to be retained accurately if you are able to anchor it. This is where metaphors and analogies go down well, as well as using your own personal references, examples and facts.

💡Example – I told you that 2 million bits of info flood your senses every second, and yet you can only process 7. Also see M&S example above!

3. Have a structure
Having clear links, a purpose, takeaways and a call to action will stop minds wandering and enable learning and action to take place. It’s good to have free flow and speak from the heart, but if you want your audience to turn from followers to buyers, solid links and a strong call to action will get their ears pricking and hearts fluttering. ❤❤

Much love
Helen x

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