I’ve been reflecting on the 121 client work I’ve carried out this year and am always inspired by the breadth and depth of the topics and areas of expertise I work on with my clients. 

They’ve included:

Writing and delivering corporate paid keynotes, lunch and learns, a book AND a TEDx talk on the subject of survival thinking.

Supporting the writing and delivery of TEDx talks on topics such as AI, Sex, Children’s education and Science based mindset.

Sharing important messages on men’s mental health and suicide awarerness through keynote talks and corporate work.

Creating a corporate keynote and programmes based on a client’s expert method which focuses on the human side of change. 

Preparing two types of talk on fashion identity for a festival event.

These are just a few examples and whilst the expert subject areas are varying and different, the method in which I have worked with these amazing clients is the same. 

I’m sharing this because if you have thought about working with me on a 121 basis, my prices will be increasing 31st Dec.

Imagine in 12 months time you sharing your story, expertise and ideas on the stage. Investing in your voice has so many far reaching benefits that aren’t isolated to public speaking. 

The mini

A total of 3 hours 121 coaching time plus 2 weeks whatsapp support and access to my virtual speaking and virtual training pro courses. 

This option is for you if there is one specific talk you want to work on but you’ve done the foundational work.

The 3 hours can be split into 2 x 1.5 hour sessions. 

@£997 Payment plans available

Find out more here


The signature 

A total of 6 hours 121 coaching time plus 4 weeks whatsapp support and access to virtual speaking and virtual training pro. This option is for you if you would like some support with the foundations, and would also like to create a talk and work on a pitch strategy.

The 6 hours can be split down into shorter sessions and need to be completed within a timescale of 3 months. 


Payment plans are available. 

Find out more here


The All In

My 6 month coaching package includes 12 hours of 121 coaching, continuous coach in your pocket whatsapp support for ongoing feedback and accountability, access to ALL my courses including Land and Deliver (my TEDx course) and Ultimate Speaker (my complete paid speaker programme.) This is for you if you want longer term support on a number of projects including Keynotes, TEDx talks, corporate talks, creating and selling corporate programmes and workshops, and business strategy.

@£5000 payment plans available.

You can secure your 121 place now on either my mini or signature or longer term coaching packages and lock in at the current price. 

You have until 31st March 2024 to start our work together and also get access to two of my courses worth £554 (for the mini and signature) and over £1000 if you book the All In.

The prices will be increasing for all 121 packages on 1st January 2024. Lock in your place now and start anytime until 31st March. 

If you’d like to chat about what option might be right for you, book a call at a time that works.

We’ll explore your specific goals and needs and I’ll honestly share if and how I can support you. 


PS. Here’s the link again to book a call to chat about your needs.

PPS. My podcast Words that Change Lives launches in January! You can listen to the trailer here and follow so that you get the first 3 episodes straight to your podcast feed when it launches.

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