A lot of the speaker coaching I give mainly focuses on keynote talks or TED talks. These talks generally focus on society level messages. Big picture ideas that can be understood by most people and are a force for good. 

But I also love coaching clients to deliver business focused talks too. These types of talks have messages at a community level, for a certain group of people. 

Examples of this might be a talk at an industry focused conference in a particular niche. Or a corporate talk to a specific group of people. It may also be a virtual talk to a community of entrepreneurs or coaches. 

Business focused talks have the following characteristics:

  1. They focus on a problem in an area that the audience will understand and will most likely be experiencing
  2. The topic is ‘hot right now’, is a current trend or future trend that people need to know about
  3. They present the problem, the cause of the problem and the impact that it has
  4. They showcase expertise by sharing personal story, or using storytelling to demonstrate experience in the area
  5. They may draw on studies or case studies to back up their points
  6. They pose solutions to the problem that the audience can take away and start to implement.
  7. They have a strong call to action 
  8. They may include an offer or ‘sell’

If you are a coach, consultant or entrepreneur, giving a business focused talk can be hugely beneficial.

It can help to get you infront of fresh followers and potential clients

It establishes you as an expert in your particular field

It can help to showcase you as a thought leader in your field with your forward thinking messages

You can develop a talk that demonstrates how you help people AND gives them things they can do right away

A business focused talk is aligned to your services. 

This makes it easier for people to come to you after hearing your talk, or sign up there and then if you are able to sell. 

Would you like to develop a business focused talk? Here’s how I can help:

  • Grab my free ‘sell from the stage’ talk template

This free template will help you to…

  • Get clear on the type of ’sell from the stage’ talk you want to give
  • Learn the format of a high converting, simple to use business focused talk
  • Work through the 5 stages of the sell from the stage format, adding your talk content ready for practise
  • Add your big bang beginning and ultimate ending
  • Get laser clear on your Call To Action that converts
  • Get super confident to deliver a world class ’sell from the stage’ talk!


  • Book a place on my speaker intensive

If you are ready to go all in and craft a killer keynote talk, AND create a strategy to land the gigs, I have places available for mini and full speaker instensives from May onwards. Just hit reply and let’s chat. I also have 7 other talk formulas that can fit exactly with your specific needs. 

  • Grab instant access to my virtual speaking pro course

Everything you need to take advantage of the 6 ways you can make an impact as a virtual speaker this year.


Much love

Helen x

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