My stage fright started early.

I was around 10 years old and was in the ‘chorus’ of the village pantomime. The choreographer gave me a 30 second solo (eek!) and I proceeded to trip and tumble down the stage steps. The crowd were equally amused and aghast, but it was more than enough to sow a seed of fear which blossomed as I got older. 

When I ran away from my corporate career I vowed never to stand up in front of a room full of people again (my job was to train and coach leaders.) The fear became too much. It wasn’t worth the tummy twisting anxiety. 

It was better to stay small.

When I finally realised (through a big life events and addressing what I was avoiding) that fear was something I had the power to dissolve, the tummy twisting started to fade. And when I was able to move past that fear momentarily and stand on bigger and bigger stages, the excitement started to out way the dread. 

And it was truly life changing. 

There may be many moments in life where there is a risk. But if you can turn towards it, embrace it, move through it, what lies on the other side is truly magnificent. 

How much does fear play in preventing you from stepping forward and taking action on your dreams and goals?

Sometimes we can put other reasons before it, like ‘I just don’t have the time’, ‘it feels like too much work’ or ‘I’m not sure it’s worth addressing because I don’t know what the pay off will be.’

When it comes to putting speaking at the top of your list, does the thought of putting yourself out there bring up uncomfy feelings?

Here’s a super quick video that may help

In it I cover how to get over your fear of public speaking with these three things:

  1. Move yourself out of the way, It’s not about you, it’s about all those people you can help.
  2. Visualise what success looks like – what’s the end goal?
  3. What’s the root cause of your fear? Lean into it and it can dissolve


What’s your biggest fear when it comes to public speaking?

To help you with this, take my free AIR assessment. It will help you determine what might be holding you back from standing on a stage, sharing your ideas and adding another income stream to your business.

You can take the assessment here

And if that fear is too big right now, contact me and let me know. I’ll be happy to help you take that first step.

Much love


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