One of the things that I really value is my time. 

I don’t have a great deal of it as a single parent to two kiddies and a business to run, so I have to really make it work for me. 

One of the reasons I left the corporate world was because I wanted to have that flexibility. I wanted to create a business that enabled me to do work I love AND be there to see my kids grow. 

So initially, selling B2C (business to consumer) really appealed to me.

And it did work. 

I built an audience and following, and created programmes and events around my areas of expertise. But I was finding as my business grew, I was spending more and more time on the nuts and bolts of showing up, posting on social media and launching.  

It was all consuming and I knew that I needed (and wanted) to tap into a revenue stream that meant I didn’t have to launch or show up day in day out on social media.

I was dabbling a little as a corporate consultant already, but wanted to go all in. 

So when my mentor at the time decided to share all her incredible corporate sales experience with me in a new offering, my ears pricked up. 

Because one of the stats Jess shares is that the average B2B (business to business) sale in the UK is worth £10,000 and the average B2C sale is worth £1500. 

And I can vouch for this, because I now have an active corporate AND consumer business. 

But the work that you have to do in order to sell to individuals is extensive.


Social media posts.

Live Streams.

Podcasts/ YouTube channels.

Essentially, having to build a B-I-G email list and hope that people will buy.

But with corporate clients?

That’s not the same.

And Jess is going to be sharing the five step framework that she taught me in her free masterclass on Thursday 9th November at 1pm UK.

It’s live and you’ll learn;

  • The three simple B2B sales elements you need to make your first 100K in B2B revenue
  • The most common mistake that entrepreneurs make when they start selling to corporate clients (and how you can avoid it!)
  • How to ‘money map’ your corporate market so that you avoid feast/ famine sales results.


You can sign up here

I’ll be attending and I know that Jess always delivers practical solutions that you can start using straight away. 

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