Happy New Year!

With any luck, you are feeling a tad hazy as you read this. Maybe you partied hard last night, or you might have had a cosy night in with a few cocktails, wherever I find you today I want to wish you a Happy New Year and share something with you that will really help you to make 2020 count. 


My big dreamy goals plan

Getting your goals for the year nailed will really help steer your ship in the right direction and keep you laser-focused on the right things. However, I don’t think it’s enough to have goals, which is why I’ve created a plan that will help you nail your goals AND feel all the feels in your life and biz in 2020. 


So here’s how it goes.


Decide your word for the year

Having one keyword for the year is a nifty exercise used by top brand teams to help align all their key activities. It is a single point of focus to make sure you keep on the right track throughout the year.

Ask yourself – ‘What word is KEY to my success and happiness in 2018?’

For example, last year my organising thought was FOCUS. In everything I did, I asked myself ‘Am I focusing on the right things?’’ This year my organising thought is DELIVER. I am creating brand new services, events, and products this year and I am 100% committed to ensuring I over-deliver with each. 


Decide on your 2020 motto

A motto is a really good way of keeping you focused on what’s important to you this year. Last year I had two mottos that kicked into gear from August onwards. They were #dobravethings and feel to the edges of everything. I’m carrying these forward into 2020 as they really help me move towards brave courageous things that push me outside my comfort zone. What will yours be?


Set your big dreamy goals

What do you want to achieve that are big dreamy goals that provide a good amount of stretch and eeek factor? List them out to make them happen!

Here are some of mine:

  1. Work with 32 new clients delivering one to one speaker intensives
  2. Deliver first-ever in-person Ultimate Speaker Boot Camp in Brighton
  3. Run four live rounds of my TEDx course Land and Deliver
  4. Turn Land and Deliver into an evergreen course
  5. Write and publish my book
  6. Launch my podcast
  7. Go indoor sky diving with my kids
  8. Invest in myself (coaches, conferences, courses)
  9. Host six Brighton Business Shows on Radio Reverb with epic guests including Phil Taggart (my radio DJ inspiration)
  10. Deliver new programmes into the corporate market based on comms
  11. Attend 2x  TEDx event
  12. Deliver my first ever online Ultimate Speaker bootcamp
  13. Deliver my secret squirrel project (still hush hush!)
  14. Do the three peaks challenge
  15. Speak on 4 premium stages
  16. Launch big secret squirrel project part 2 (more info soon!)
  17. Go on an epic holiday with my kids
  18. Go white water rafting/abseil down the I360
  19. Celebrate hitting 40 in style with my friends on an awesome trip away
  20. Meet an awesome guy who makes a big impression on me 
  21. Take my Mum on a luxury spa trip to celebrate kicking cancer


What have you got? Do your big dreamy goals excite you and scare you a little bit? Good! I’d love to know what they are, please share them by hitting reply. 


Much love


P.S. If there is anything on my big goal list that you’d like to be in on then let’s chat. I am opening up my calendar for calls and am ready to talk to you if you are ready to make your big dreamy goals a reality this year. https://helenpackham.as.me/?appointmentType=2721768

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