I’m now 10 days into isolation with my kids and it’s been a pretty awesome learning experience. I’ve lost my cool on many occasions, felt frustrated with the lack of physical and mental headspace and completely bombed as a teacher again! 

But there have been some wins too. My kids have actually got some school work done, I’ve baked, drawn, hugged and had naps on the sofa with them. We’ve played all the xmas songs and watched a load of xmas films, and in surrendering to it all some other pretty epic things have happened. 

I remember my coach saying to me once ‘everything is happening just as it should.’ 

Running a business and a life simultaneously, let alone amidst a pandemic can be tough. My hard is not the same as your hard, and that means we ALL have our challenges. No matter how successful, supported or together people may seem in their highlight reels. 

The rollercoaster of life means that sometimes we are on the mountaintop singing our hearts out, and sometimes we are in the valleys wondering what to do next.

I want to give you the message today that no matter how tough it might get, no matter what curve balls or challenges get thrown your way, never ever give up.

Sometimes we need to stop. We need to take a break, do something different and reboot. Sometimes we need to rest and sleep, meditate and exercise to clear the fog.

And sometimes we just need to surrender.

I’ve been practising this a lot recently, and without getting too ‘out there’ I truly believe when we do this, the universe hears. By surrendering to the moment, allowing ‘what is’ and being open to receive whatever comes our way then we really are believing that ‘everything is happening just as it should.’ 

In the midst of the mayhem this week some truly epic things have happened. I’ve been brought on board by two incredible corporate organisations to deliver some transformational programmes to their senior leaders starting in January. Some key people have dropped into my life that are really showing me the compassion and goodness of human beings, and a unique system I have been working on for some time now finally became crystal clear in my mind and is ready to be revealed (more on that soon!) 

Did this stuff happen just from surrendering? 

Hell no. I took persistent and consistent action to make it happen. Even when things felt too hard and tough. But it was in surrendering and not pushing against things that enabled me to be in a position to receive. 

So this week I guess I’m saying, never give up, even if it’s one small step forward, good things will happen, all you need to do is take action and be open to receive the great things that are coming to you. 

Much love


I’ll be super busy in Q1 next year with the amazing projects mentioned above, so that means my spaces for working 121 will be very limited. I currently have one slot in January and one in February, so if you’d like to know more about my new system and how I’m using it in my one to one coaching just get in touch and be the first to know! 

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