Happy New Year!

How are you doing?
Have you emerged from the Xmas holidays feeling a little groggy and disoriented?
Or are you thriving on the routine of the new year normal?

I’ve experienced both in the last week. I really switched off over Xmas, which was needed, however it takes a while for my brain to crank back into gear. It didn’t take long however to relish the space that a routine gives me and allows for me to get back into consistent exercise, eating better and crossing off things on my to do list.

If you are still finding it tricky to get back into your groove, I’m sharing some things that are helping me get in the right mindset to be super productive this month and beyond.

Word for the year

I know this gets thrown around a lot, but having a word for the year really helps to steer the ship and continually course correct to what’s important.

My word for 2023 is Elevate which looks like:

⬆️Spending way more time in my stretch and risk zone. It’s so easy to stay in comfort but nothing great comes from comfort zones right?!
⬆️Setting goals that scare me but are perfect for my development. After going through a few big life events in the last few years, this year is all about setting big goals that are aligned with my bigger vision.
⬆️Facing the things I have put off. So easy to do, but eating the frog really is the best way to go.
⬆️Spending time with friends, colleagues and people that lift me up, challenge me, make me think and give me energy. Attitudes are contagious.
⬆️Developing consistent habits that contribute to my growth. More on that below.
⬆️Focusing even more on health, fitness and mindset. It is the biggest contributor to my positive mental health.
⬆️Developing new skills and elevating existing ones in business, life and my hobbies.

I’ve asked every client I’ve coached over the last week what their word is and would love to know yours too. Hit reply and let me know! 😊❤️

Prioritising mental and physical health

An obvious one, however can be hard to keep on top of when ‘life’ gets in the way. This also looks different for everyone depending on what makes them feel fulfilled, calm and energised.

Things that have/will help me:

Blocking out my calendar for regular exercise: I go to the gym mainly and do weights but this year I’m getting into sea swimming and I want to walk loads more.

Spending time each day nourishing rather than numbing: Numbing activities for me are bingeing on the TV or mindless scrolling on social media. I want to consistently swap out numbing activities and replace them (in the main) with reading, listening to a podcast or documentary or learning something new.

Noticing triggers and acting on them: We all have emotional triggers that can cause us to feel angry or stressed. I’m going to really focus in this year on catching them when they come and doing something to instantly calm instead. Deep breathing, having a bath, listening to music, going for a walk are all things that help me. What about you?

Moving towards my dreams

Last weekend I spent some time creating a vision board for 2023. I usually do this with magazine clippings but decided to draw it instead! Getting super clear on what I want to achieve this year in all aspects of my life and hanging it somewhere I see every day will continuously remind me of what I’m moving towards. And science says that if we focus on what we want (rather than what we don’t) our brain will seek it out and it will be more likely to happen! Manifestation baby.

Mantra for the year

My mantra this year is ‘I move towards myself and away from distraction.’

Distraction is something us humans fight the urge on every day but it is the biggest squasher of wellbeing, productivity, energy and focus.

In order to move away from distraction I’m going to:

Make use of all the fab features on my iphone: that automatically shut the phone down in the evenings and during the day when I’m in meetings or need to focus in on what I am doing completely.

Clear the tabs and focus on one thing at a time: I’m going to get better at sticking to my blocking schedule, where I do things at certain times and only focus on one thing at a time.

Eat the frog: I mentioned this earlier, however if there is something I’m procrastinating on, I’ll make a big push to catch that feeling and eat the frog. In other words do the uncomfortable or boring things fist so I can focus on the things that bring me joy after.

What will help you get into a productive and energised mindset this year so that you can consistently work towards your goals and smash them?

If you need help with this I am offering some one off productivity sessions in Jan and Feb.

1.5 hours with me to blitz through all the things you want to elevate to get your mindset, goals and actions on point.

If you are interested in these limited sessions, just get in touch and I’ll share some more info.

Much love

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