I’m still coming down from my high from the weekend. 

I did my first ever live house DJ set on live radio! I was wayyyy out of my comfort zone in saying yes to this opportunity. I’m completely self taught and used to spin vinyl. But in lockdown I tapped back into my joy, bought a digital deck and taught myself how to mix on that. 

Little did I know just how overwhelmed I would feel when I got in the studio. 

There’s me, knowing the basics, and my friend and radio host was absolutely killing it! In that moment my confidence took a huge nose dive and all the familiar limiting beliefs kicked in.

‘Who am I to be doing this?’

‘I’m not good enough’

‘I can’t do it.’

‘People will think I’m rubbish.’

I actually said this out loud but my friend encouraged me, told me I would be fine and off I went.

In the end, I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. The feedback from family and friends listening in was great. I felt so much joy I couldn’t stop smiling.

But at the same time, I knew I’d stepped so far out of my comfort zone I needed to reflect on that too.

That’s the thing about comfort zones. When we take a huge step there is always risk involved. Fear of failure, rejection, shame or embarrassment.

But if we don’t take those steps we won’t evolve and expand as human beings.

Back in my corporate coaching days I used a nifty little tool to support my clients to do things that stretched them, not by stepping outside their comfort zones but by expanding them.

Expanding Comfort Zones

There are a few zones we can operate in and step into…..

The Comfort zone – where we are happy and comfortable, able and confident to do the things we do.

The Stretch zone – where we do the things that we should be doing but haven’t done. Launch that podcast, write that book, start that hobby, do the exercise. Laziness, lack of motivation and beliefs affect us doing things here. 

The Risk Zone – in this zone we are not sure how successful we will be. Desires and wishes lie here, but without certainty of the outcome, it seems risky. New projects, new career, something that you haven’t done before but would like to.

The Choke zone – this place feels a bit crazy, scary and unknown. The fear of ‘choking,’ quitting, busting or failing is much higher but the reward is far greater. You might put your biggest dreams and fears in this zone. Public speaking, jumping out of a plane, doing a wing walk! Etc. 

How to expand your comfort zone

  1.     Take some time to identify what lies in each of these zones that you haven’t done but desire to. Draw it out and fill it in so that you can refer back to it.
  2.     Ask yourself, what’s really holding me back from achieving these things? Be brutally honest with yourself.
  3.     Take action! Start to take small steps towards achieving. Some advice – The stretch zone should become your comfort zone very quickly. Then look at the risk and choke zone and focus on one or two things that you really want to achieve, despite your fear. Write an action plan on the steps (however small) you are going start taking to move further towards these things.
  4.     Imagine what it will feel like on the other side. I was firmly in the choke zone on Saturday, but the feeling of euphoria totally outweighed any fear or mistakes I made. I also now know what to do to become even better for next time!

Need some help?

I’ll be doing a live Q&A on my business page this week. If you are currently stuck in your comfort zone and want to shake your life and business up to feel happier, healthier whilst making real progress, join me on Wednesday morning at 10.30AM. I’ll be doing on the spot coaching to help you set your sights on big dreams and goals and actually make them happen.

Join me here Wednesday at 10.30am


Much love


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