Have you been wondering how you can do your bit?

Yes of course you can support our key workers and carers by clapping and donating and volunteering your time and support.

But how about inspiring the people just like you and me?

Those that might run their own business or be stuck at home on furlough.

Hang on though I hear you say.. We have the easiest job!

Stay home. Stay safe.

But it’s not that easy is it?

There are people in their homes right this very moment crying out for your help. 

  • They want to keep their mind healthy and balanced
  • They want to stay motivated and focused on their work
  • They want to find a way of staying calm and not screaming at their kids
  • They want to keep their fitness in check
  • They want to find the resources to lead their own teams effectively
  • They want help viewing this period as an opportunity rather than a prison sentence.

And….and….and….. The list is endless.

Cue YOU.

You with your area of expertise. Your practical and actionable tips.

And your message of hope and inspiration.

They need you. Right now.

So how can you help them? By connecting with them in the best way possible by delivering a virtual talk. 

It’s the best way to really meet your audience and inspire them to take action to do the thing YOU can help them to do.

I have done this a few times over the past few weeks and each time the feedback has been:

‘Thank you for inspiring me.’

‘Thank you for enlightening me’

‘Thank you for helping me see things differently’

Thank you for kick-starting me to take action!’

Which is why I do what I do. And as well as clapping and donating and supporting our key workers and carers?

We can do our bit in other ways. 

  1. Get clear on the message that people need to hear right now aligned with your expertise
  2. Create a talk title that tells people HOW you can help or inspire them
  3. Find a virtual conference, festival or other online event with an audience that NEED to hear you speak.
  4. Pitch for the event explaining how you can help the audience
  5. Put your virtual keynote together and make a HUGE impact on people’s lives.

That’s doing your bit

And if you need help?

Then you might find my new training series Virtual Speaking Pro a good support for you right now.


In this 8 part training series I help you

Get clear on your ‘hot right now’ message and what to base your talks on.

The step by step process of pitching for and landing gigs

In-depth walkthroughs of my SIX virtual speaking methods including podcasts, live streams, guest expert sessions, virtual keynotes and virtual training sessions

Here’s what the virtual talk session will cover:

  • My talk flow structure for the perfect virtual keynote talk.
  • Making the jump from real life to virtual – learn the difference
  • How to use interaction to engage
  • The perfect stories for virtual delivery
  • The key components of a killer virtual keynote
  • Tech know-how what you need to know

So do your bit

Get out there, inspire your people and help them during this crazy time.

Virtual Speaking Pro is available for just £157 until 6th May.

Click the link to find out all the details of what’s included


Much love

Helen x

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