It’s a much used term in the online entrepreneurial space. But what does it mean? It is a paradigm that has been formed in our society where we adopt certain collective beliefs, thoughts and approaches. Perspectives on mindset can fall into three key areas, fixed or growth, scarce or abundant and productive or defensive.

Then there is the theory and the practice. The theory sets out the area of focus required for awareness, understanding, acceptance and action. Then the practice is the action you take to develop or rewire the particular belief or approach that is holding you back.

I’ve been doing a bit of research into mindset for Mums, and what mindset shifts are required to be able to succeed as a Mum entrepreneur.

Part 2 of my blog covers three further areas that are fundamental to having a productive, abundant, growth mindset and ultimately business success!

1. Adopting a snowflake mindset (growth)

How do you feel when you see others succeed? When people celebrate their wins financially, particularly if they are in a similar niche to you? You may feel inspired, happy joyful. You may sometimes also feel threatened, inadequate, unsuccessful, unworthy, and not good enough.
Having these thoughts can hinder us from moving forward, from creating, from connecting, and from achieving our goals. It isn’t anyone else but US that can reinforce the belief and stop us from achieving what we want to achieve.
Having a snowflake mindset means that you appreciate everyone as individual and unique. Even though you might have the same niche as someone else, that doesn’t mean that you are the same, and therefore able to compare yourself to them. You have a completely unique bundle of experience, personality, approach, strengths and creativity to bring to the mix. It will be completely different to anyone else. This means that the ideal client for that person will be completely different to yours. I recently spoke about the snowflake mindset in more detail on an FB live session in my group The Tenacious Tribe Of Lady Entrepreneurs. Catch it by joining here.


2. Give to receive (abundant)

Have you ever held back on giving away your knowledge and experience to others for free because you feel like they need to pay for it? This might be when you are writing a blog, or putting together content for your social media posts. That niggly feeling is a scarcity/lack mindset coming up and tapping you on the shoulder. The protective fear that makes you feel like no one will work with you if you give it all away for free.
Instead of thinking like this, let’s flip it around. What if people saw the amazing value you give away for free, and thought ‘wow imagine what it would be like to work with her!’ The evidence is out there. Think of the big players that are doing incredibly well. Kimra Luna is a great example. She is consistency giving away huge value for free and is doing very well for herself indeed! Never underestimate the power of working with someone 121 or in a group setting. It provides way more benefit that going DIY.


3. Prioritise your bliss rituals (productive)

Mindset and self-care go hand in hand. If we aren’t looking after ourselves, we go into fight or flight mode, which means our minds literally put the blinkers on our thought processes so that resources can go elsewhere in the body. This means that creativity, open mindedness, and optimism get pushed aside to make way for fear, avoidance and survival! Making sure that you are fueled physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually means that you will be operating from a position from which you can jump. Think of it like your business springboard. If you are in an unproductive mindset, you will be holding yourself back with negative thoughts and beliefs that will hinder you from moving forward. I’m sure you can relate that when you are exhausted, stressed, scattered or disconnected, you don’t feel your best self. This means you might not show up as consistently as you want to, going instead into avoidance mode. You can combat this by putting daily bliss rituals into your practice. Those little activities that lift you up, replenish you and make you feel good. A little exercise, meditation, journalling or time with friends are examples of mine.

Are you currently struggling with any of this?

If you answered yes you aren’t alone. My career and 2 x online businesses have been built on working through these blockers, for myself and those I coach. I use a combination of solution focused coaching, NLP, CBT and Mindfulness to help my clients build a success plan that is 80% psychology and 20% strategy. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch here.

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Helen xx

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