I’ve been way more active on LinkedIn lately. I’ve made some awesome new friends and connections and have been blown away by the volume of talented trainers and coaches I’m chatting with. 

If you aren’t active on LinkedIn I highly recommend making it part of your strategy. I’ve been booked for 2 corporate workshops, some 121 coaching and a virtual talk in the last week alone. All paid. 

But there is one thing I’ve noticed that keeps coming up. There are many talented face to face ‘trainers’ who are confident delivering to a class room of people, but are feeling unsure and lacking in confidence about taking the steps to deliver this work online.

You may have had a lot of this work postponed or cancelled. But there is plenty of scope and opportunity to bring most, if not ALL of your training online and continue to deliver it to the people who need it.

My 4 step plan to moving offline training online

1.Review your courses 

Start by looking at what you currently have. The pre work, the current session plans and the post work. Have a think about which elements would translate online and which wouldn’t. 

2. See what can be adapted 

Virtual training platforms now make it very easy to recreate a classroom experience with some fantastic tools. Zoom has an excellent break out room function which means that your break out exercises and activities can still run in pretty much the same way. This is just one of many features that can help you deliver highly engaged quality training that ensures the transfer of learning. 

3. Break it down 

One big thing to know about virtual delivery is that it needs to be short and sweet. That means cutting the length of your sessions right down and breaking them apart to run over a number of sessions with actions and reflection in between. 

4. Have the conversation 

Speak to your organisation, decision maker or provider. Propose to them how you see it could work. Map it out for them and explain the benefits of continuing to prioritise learning and development in unsteady times.

Need help? I’ve put a comprehensive module together in my virtual speaking pro course walking you through:

  1. How to plan and run an online workshop from scratch including how to measure success and embedded learning 
  2. How to ensure you keep energy and engagement high
  3. The step by step process of how to move existing offline training online 
  4. A zoom tutorial walking you through some pretty awesome features so you are tech savvy.

This is just one module in the course. 

You also get training on how to formulate your subject matter topics, where to find opportunities and how to deliver not only workshops and programmes online, but also virtual talks, webinars, live-streams, podcast interviews and guest expert sessions. All delivered over 8 weeks.

The online training workshop module above is worth the full price of the whole course alone! 

But you get the entire lot for just £197.

And if time is of the essence? Just shoot me an email after purchasing and I’ll send you the training workshop module straight away. 

You can find all the details here but don’t hesitate to shoot me an email if you have questions.


Your training career has every opportunity to flourish in this new normal, and I want to help you do just that.

Much love 


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