I had an intensive with my wonderful client Sarah Hunt the other week. 

She’s incredible at what she does, which includes holistic coaching and unique disco yoga sessions to corporates and festivals.

We are working together to craft her signature talk about how to unlock your joy.

Sarah is all about this, she’s walked the walk by combining the things she loves and she’s on a mission to inspire others to do the same (go check her out.)

It got me thinking.…. A lot of clients come to me confused about what their signature talk would focus on. They are passionate about many things and feel that they have expertise in a wider range of areas, so narrowing down one talk topic is very tricky.

I can help! Here’s what to do…….

How to decide the topic of your signature talk

Decide the level of the message you want to deliver in your talk.

High level 

These types of messages are focused at society level. They are messages and topics that most people can relate to. They don’t have to be directly related to your business but can be part of a personal journey you have been on that you want to raise awareness about. 

Think TEDx or similar. Giving a talk on this subject is perfectly ok and can actually raise the profile of you and your business as well as helping and inspiring others. 

Medium level 

These types of messages and topics are focused on a specific community or group of people. So the message will be specific to that group but as a collective. Think industry events, niche topic events etc. Your ideal client audience as a whole. 

Low level 

These messages and topics are directly focused on one type of person. The ideal client. You will be speaking directly to these people with specific messages focused on them. 

Think content marketing, live streams, podcast interviews, and events that are completely aligned with the ideal client and their specific needs (small and local business events focused on specific topics work well with this.)


Decide on your ‘go left’ message

I mention this a lot. But the thing that will stand you apart from other speakers is the message you are delivering and where you are ‘going left’ where everyone else in your niche is going right. What is YOUR idea worth spreading? What are you willing to say that others aren’t? What new thinking do you have? Maybe you have a new twist on traditional thinking? Perhaps you are mashing up approaches and putting them together (like my amazing client Sarah) This will give you credibility as an expert, enable you to stand out and land the gigs!


Decide on your talk structure

Your signature talk can take on many shapes and forms. There isn’t one standard signature talk structure. I have around 7 options I help my clients choose from when we work together. Essentially the type of talk you give will come down to what you want the outcome to be.

Do you want to educate your audience?

Do you want to sell to your audience?

Do you want to inspire your audience?

Do you want to galvanise them into action?

Or all the above? 


Decide where you want to share your signature talk 

I gave some examples above of the type of event that would suit a high, medium or low level message. Now is the time to do some research on where people might need to hear your talk topic. Unless it’s for a very small meet up, you are going to be looking for virtual opportunities right now. 

Need more help? Here are some ways I can support you

1. Join Sought After Speakers my free community and post your message ideas in the group with any questions. If you tag me I will give my feedback, free of charge! I’m creating a thread this week specifically focused on supporting you with this.

2. Check out my virtual speaking pro course. 

For only £197 you get a complete walkthrough of 

WHAT you want to say – your ‘go left’ message and stories. Defining the problems that your ideal clients need solving at this very moment that are aligned and congruent with your expertise.

HOW you want to share it – deciding on your most effective mode of virtual delivery for maximum impact, authority and reach.

WHERE to share it to reach the most amount of the right people. In other words, landing the gigs! All from the comfort of your own home.


3. Let’s work together 121. 

We create your signature talk from scratch, together. I’ll then help you craft a strategy to pitch for and land the gigs too. I only have three spots left for the rest of 2020 for my full intensive (£1997) and 5 spots for my mini intensive (£627.)

4. Register your interest in my ultimate speaker Bootcamp. 

The next round will be in early 2021. It will be an online group experience supporting you to craft your signature talk, get my personal feedback and edits, and land the gigs too. 


Just get in touch if you have any questions! 

Much love

Helen x

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