I’m lucky enough to meet and work with some truly incredible people who have so much wisdom to share and are helping improve the lives of so many. 

Each person I work with has their own unique set of stories, talent and skills they bring to the mix, no matter if their niche is saturated. 

One way of standing apart from the crowd is creating an expert method.

I recently took Sabika, a re-parenting coach through this process to create hers. You can watch it here https://youtu.be/ZwKzJBCn1Vo

If you are a coach, consultant or small business owner with a service based business, I have something that might be of help!

On Tuesday 18th July, 12.30-14.30, I’ll be delivering a workshop guiding you to create your own expert method. 

This is this is an intimate, interactive experience limited to just a few people where I will: 

  • Help you identify the key area of authority in your niche in alignment with your skills
  • Guide you to pinpoint the core components of your service that help your clients transform
  • Help you ‘chunk it up’ into themes, and create a method or framework around your process
  • Get your creative juices flowing to make your method eye-catching, marketable and memorable
  • Give advice on how you can showcase your method in talks, and on infographics and social posts.

The cost of the workshop is just £147 per person. As mentioned spaces are limited, so if you’d like to secure your place, just click below. 

I’d love to support you in increasing your authority and getting known for everything that is unique to you.

You can book your place on the workshop here


And if you have any questions? Just send me a message, I’ll be happy to help!

Here’s that link again


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