A few days ago I dropped in to tell you I was on cloud nine after the success of Fire Up 2019 and wanted to share my life changing outcomes via a Facebook Live. One of which was a big bold and scary announcement about my business and quite a big change I’m making.

You can hear what that big change was, along with my outcomes from the event here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UTiIzKVcA4&feature=youtu.be

I’ve made it super easy to watch by uploading it to Youtube.

But if you are short on time I will summarise it for you.

Hands down, putting on an event, and then also experiencing that event as a delegate? Changed my life. I experienced such huge shifts and breakthroughs that I was able to make these big bold decisions with courage and excitement.

That’s the power of face to face events.

Which is why I am super excited that Entrepreneurial Leaders Live is back this year on the 27th and 28th June in sunny Brighton.

Last year was hugely transformative for everyone involved.

Not sure if attending is right for you?

The theme of EL live this year is The Big Idea – how you can really stand out with your ideas, even if you think they aren’t new. It will be a day (or two!) of inspiration, education, motivation and practical action to help you get recognised as an authority in your niche by sharing your ideas with courage.

The speakers I have already booked are making real strides in this area, and will inspire you to take your ideas and start shouting about them in big ways!

Grab your ticket here


Here’s who we have booked so far….

Floyd Woodrow
Ex SAS commander and the best keynote speaker I have seen to date! Floyd will be sharing how you can stand out with your ideas by creating a signature system or method by sharing his inspiring method for life and work – the compass for life.

Emma Sayle
Emma is the founder of the global organisation Killing Kittens, and isn’t afraid to break the taboo of female sexuality. With over 100,000 members worldwide, KK is all about empowering women to express themselves. In KK world women always make the first move. Emma knows what it takes to not only build a successful business, but to stand out and speak up, despite the backlash and judgements she has received on the way. You won’t want to miss Emma’s truly inspiring talk!

Sophie Cook
Who lived with suicidal thoughts for twenty years before coming out as transgender, and creating a social movement around her hashtag and philosophy #nottoday. Sophie will share her journey and how you too. An create a movement around your ideas.

Gemma Stow
Gemma has inspired so many female entrepreneurs with her courage and wisdom. Gemma is a fierce believer that you can always ‘do what you can’t’ and will provide inspiration an insight into how you can stand out, even as an introverted entrepreneur.

Nicky Parr
Who is going left in a big way, by bringing back the power, connection and impact of the hand written word. Nicky’s interactive talk will not only inspire you to communicate more with those important to you, but increase your confidence in how and what to write to connect with clients, friends and loved ones for better relationships all round.

Matthew Hughes
A world renowned expert in how to use the power of video to stand out with your ideas. Matt will be sharing tips, tricks and techniques on how to use video to cut through the noise, get your messages heard, build a following, increase your reach and sign more clients as a result.
Little old me I’ll be sharing my four twists of thought leadership, and giving you a deep dive into a winning system that will enable you to stand out, get recognised as an expert and win more business.

Join me there!

Much love


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