How do you feel about trust?

It used to be something I gave out freely to anyone who would take it!

I’d say nowadays (due to life experience)  I’m a little more savvy about who I dish it out to, but I do know it is incredibly important in all our relationships. 

Recently I spoke to Michelle Patel, Deputy Director of Analysis at the Food Standards Agency and an expert in public trust

We explored why consistently showing up as trustworthy is far more impactful than strategic campaigns aiming to build trust. 

Michelle’s stories demonstrated how crucial trust is, not only in crisis but as the bedrock of ongoing relationships.

Key areas of our discussion included:

The difference between trust and trustworthiness

The importance of vulnerability in leadership & building self-trust

Components of building trust, including consistency, visibility and communication

I invite you to listen to this episode and reflect on your own experiences with trust. 

How do you build trust in your networks? 

Are there times when trust has profoundly impacted your life decisions? 

I would love to hear your thoughts and stories! 

Use the hashtag #WordsThatChangeLives or write to me

Join us in unravelling the complexities of trust and trustworthiness, and discover how these fundamental aspects can influence and transform our lives. 

Here’s the episode again.

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