I’ve been going deep into my business these last few weeks. Taking a good look at what I love, how I can best help people and what that looks like. 

One thing that has been nagging at me for a while is my feelings about Facebook. 

Due to a multitude of reasons, I had fallen out with it a little. It’s a very ‘noisy’ platform and can be quite energy zapping! Because of this, I wasn’t showing up in the best way. Luckily this hasn’t affected my lead generation on FB. I have recently started working with some wonderful clients from the platform. 

But I was seriously considering ditching it altogether, until I decided to have a shake up!

So, starting today I’ll be bringing some fresh new energy and positive vibes to Facebook. 

I’ve been listening to what my clients and followers need and have made a few changes!

So what’s changing?

Today, my community Sought After Speakers will be closing, and I’ll be focusing on showing up daily and providing value on my FB business page. 

My business has taken a new direction this year. I am serving corporate clients more than ever now, delivering training and coaching to leadership teams and employees on ways to enhance the impact of their virtual communication. 

This is now taking up around 60% of my time. The other 40% is being spent working with coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs to help them craft and deliver high impact keynote talks and TED talks, as well as help them stand out as experts by increasing their impact, authority and reach through virtual speaking and online marketing. 

I feel like my Business Page is the best place for me to show up and help in both these areas. 

All you have to do to be in on the action is like my page and hit the ‘see first’ button so that you get all the deets. 


PLUS! Look out for this coming soon…

Story surgery 

I’ll be doing regular surgeries to help you hone and craft the stories that are going to help you stand out, get recognised as an expert and win more business.


I get a lot of DMs asking me questions, so once a month I’ll be doing LIVE Q&A where you can ask me yours!

Client insights 

I’ll be sharing what my clients are working on, and what they are doing to make a big impact with their stories and messages. 

Behind the scenes

I’ll be sharing behind the scenes of my corporate work, talks, and my role as TEDx curator and radio presenter, keeping you in the loop on all the juicy gossip.

Get paid to speak challenge

I’ll be running a free challenge soon focused on how you can get paid to speak in 2021, I’m currently planning it all out and can’t wait!

All you have to do to be in on the action is head over to my business page and hit ‘like’ then ‘see first’ first to know what’s happening. https://www.facebook.com/helenpackhamcoach

Finally………thank you so much for taking the time to fill in the survey I sent out last week! Your responses were super useful and have given me a lot of insight into what I’ll be delivering.

I put the names in the hat and pulled out Holly Dunn! Thanks so much for your feedback Holly, I will be in touch to book in your 45-minute coaching session!

Looking forward to showing up and seeing you on my biz page. Come join me https://www.facebook.com/helenpackhamcoach

Much love


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